• Sora ebooks and audiobooks


    Sora is an ebook and audiobook platform that brings many popular titles to your devices for free.  Why is Sora so awesome?

    • Ebooks and audiobooks can be accessed on any internet-enabled device, including computers, smartphones, and tablets.
    • Logging into Sora is super easy.  It authenticates through Google instantly by using your school login.
    • Sora never loses your page, even if you switch between devices.
    • Titles are returned automatically on their due date.  No overdue notices.
    • Sora lets you also link your public library card.  You can cruise through Clevnet and Ohio Digital Library collections as well.

    Sora is a free app that can be installed on Apple and Android mobile devices.  It is also a weblink that can be accessed on any web browser.  To get started, visit


    See your media specialist if you have any questions about Sora.  Happy reading!