• The State of Ohio Legislature passed HB 410 which specifically defines attendance in all of Ohio’s public schools.  This new law requires each school district to send a letter when there is an absence with or without a legitimate excuse.


    HB 410 further requires if students are absent (with or without a legitimate excuse) for 38 or more hours in a month or 65 hours in a year then written notice must be provided to parents and, within seven calendar days of the written notice, the absence must be reported to the State. If you would like to review the HB 410 guidance, website links can be found at www.legislature.ohio.gov or www.education.ohio.gov (search HB 410).  


    Again, HHS is now compelled by law to send courtesy letters regarding students’ attendance. Most parents agree with us that good attendance in school is one of the most important factors in a student’s educational career. We realize that students become ill or have appointments, yet students who are frequently absent or late for class miss activities that are necessary for building academic and social skills. When healthy, students are required by law to be at school so they can receive all the instruction that is available to them.  


    As part of our school district procedures and attendance interventions, we are only able to accept 10 parent excusal notes per year for a student. After the ten parent excusals have been exhausted, students will be asked to bring in a doctor’s note for additional absences. Please see our Student Handbook for more information on our attendance policies.


    Regarding doctors’ notes, if a student was seen by a physician, please send a note signed by the physician to our attendance office. Parents or guardians may call the physician’s office and have the excuse faxed to the attendance office (330-653-1368, Attention: Attendance). Furthermore, if you have a question about a specific attendance date, please call our attendance office at 330-653-1313.  We want to work with families and help in any way we can. We look forward to partnering together to ensure that all students receive the best education possible