• » Please note, registration for the 2021-2022 school year is not yet available. 2021-2022 registration for grades 1-12 will begin April 6th. If you are registering for 2021-2022 Kindergarten, please visit the Kindergarten Registration page for more information.

    Online Registration for 2020-2021

    Welcome to the Hudson City School District’s Online Registration Process.  We are excited to have you and your family as part of the Hudson School Community.  The registration information is vital to getting your child enrolled. Please follow the steps carefully as you complete the registration process. 

    » COVID Update: If you are moving from another state, please note Ohio's Travel Advisory.  We are requesting families to discuss with the school principal or school counselor options for your student if you are moving from a "travel advisory state" to Ohio.  

    STEP 1: Begin Online Registration

    Register online by following this link: Hudson Online Registration - 2020-2021

    Step 2: Make an Appointment

    Once information is submitted successfully, you will be able to schedule an appointment with our school district registrar. Schedule an appointment online by using this link: Make an Appointment

    Or contact our District Registrar: 


    Enrollment Office 

    (located at Hudson High School) 

    2500 Hudson Aurora Road 

    Hudson, Ohio 44262



    District Registrar: Cheryl Barnes 


    Step 3: What to Bring to the Registrar 

    Please bring the following documents to the appointment, even if you have already uploaded them in the online registration portal:

    You may upload these three documents but we still need to review them during the registration appointment. 

    • Proof of Hudson Residency for each new student enrollment (ie lease/rental agreement, purchase contract/agreement, deed, title). We do not accept a driver's license, utility bills, or other personal identifiers. 
    • Birth Certificate, Passport/Visa, Adoption or I-95 Immigration documents.  No other documents will be accepted. 
    • In cases of divorce or separation, guardianship or court placements: court documents are required regarding proof of custody. Please also provide copies of any “No contact and Restraining Orders” if applicable. 

    *Health and Immunization records are required within 14 days of the student’s first day of attendance per BoE policy 5320. Students will be excluded without the records.