We expect all students to be RESPECTFULRESPONSIBLE, and READY


      Water Bottles: Water bottles are HIGHLY encouraged, but any other beverages are not permitted.  Water stations for water bottle refills will be available for students.

      Hand Sanitizer & Hand Washing: Hand sanitizer will be available within the classroom and throughout the school building.  Students ARE permitted to bring their own sanitizer for personal.  Hand washing will also be scheduled into our school day.  

      Snack: 5th grade is fortunate enough to have their lunch in the middle of the day.  However, we do understand that students might need a snack.  The snack should be a healthy snack. No candy will be allowed as classroom snacks. 

      Birthday Treats: If your child would like to bring in a treat for his/her birthday, please use the district's birthday treat guidelines here.

      Conferences: Formal conferences will be in November and February. Other conferences can be scheduled by request.