• AP Environmental Science is a course designed to give the students an experience equivalent to that of a freshman level college science course.  The course of study is created by the College Board and all APES students at Hudson High School are expected to sit for the APES Exam in May.  More information on the course itslef can be found on the college board website.

    Here at Hudson High School, we also believe in giving the students opportunities to engage in real life problem-solving.  The skills developed in this way often serve the students in a far greater way than just obtaining knowledge.  Each student enrolled in APES will also be working on some authentic, problem-based learning project throughout the year.  

    The challenges of this course include a fast pace and very broad scope of study.  The students that are able to keep up with the reading and homework outside of class are the ones who find the most success.   

    The link below is an excellent resource for all things related to the course