Gale ebooks

  • Gale ebooks include a vast collection of electronic books that can be read on any internet browser.  The ebooks provide simultaneous, unlimited access to all Hudson High School students.  Users can take advantage of many useful features, including key word searches, highlighting, notetaking, word definitions, and exporting sections to Google Drive.  

    If prompted to sign in, students and staff can choose the Sign in with Google option and use their school credentials.

    Gale ebooks

    Click here to view the Gale ebooks collection

    Gale ebooks are organized by collections:

    • Teen wellness
    • History
    • Science
    • Nation and World
    • Multicultural Studies
    • Environment
    • Technology
    • Literature
    • Arts
    • Biography
    • Business
    • Education
    • General reference
    • Law
    • Medicine
    • Religion
    • Social Science

    See your media specialist if you have any questions about the content or features of Gale ebooks.