Enhanced Cleaning Protocol

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    Classroom Cleaning Protocols

    • Classrooms are being cleaned and disinfected throughout the day:
    • When possible custodial staff will clean and disinfect student desks during break periods when classrooms are empty.
    • Disinfectant spray, microfiber cloths, and paper towels are available in each classroom for teachers and students to sanitize classroom surfaces and high touch points at their discretion throughout the day.
    • Microfiber cloths are being cleaned daily.
    • Floors are being cleaned, swept, and mopped daily.  
    • Door knobs, handles, soap/sanitizer dispensers, whiteboards, computers and other high touch areas are being cleaned and sanitized daily.

    Building Cleaning Protocols

    • Lockers and Cubbies are being disinfected daily.
    • All building restrooms are being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized daily. This includes restroom surfaces, toilets, faucets, door handles, and floors.
    • The commons area in each building are being cleaned and sanitized after each lunch period. The floors are being scrubbed daily.  
    • Gymnasium floors are being scrubbed daily, high contact surfaces are disinfected.
    • Locker room surfaces are being disinfected daily with electrostatic sprayers—all high contact surfaces, lockers, benches, sinks, and toilets are sanitized daily.
    • Media center tables and chairs are being wiped down daily with Peroxy and sanitized with the electrostatic sprayer each night.  
    • Hallway floors are being scrubbed daily and all entrances will be disinfected.

    Hygiene and Sanitization

    • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be provided in every classroom.
    • New hand sanitizer stations have been placed throughout every building to ensure students and staff have easy and quick access to hand sanitizer. 
    • Handwashing is scheduled throughout the day for students and staff.
    • Additional handwashing stations have been strategically placed throughout buildings that have limited sink access (i.e. do not have restrooms on every floor or wing, or in individual classrooms).
    • Staff and students may bring their own hand sanitizer.
    • Staff and students may only bring non-clorox, allergy-free wipes to clean individual personal spaces.

    HVAC - Ventilation

    District Maintenance staff are taking the following steps to enhance the airflow throughout the buildings:

    • HVAC settings have been optimized to ensure the system is pulling as much fresh air into the buildings as possible. 
    • Staff members are being encouraged to open windows and doors, if safe to do so.
    • Ventilation system settings have been optimized when fresh air is not possible.
    • Classrooms are allowed the use of portable HEPA filtration units. 
    • District maintenance staff are implementing daily procedures to verify systems are operating at their maximum capacity. 
    • Higher Merv standard filters are being used where possible.
    • HVAC systems are started earlier each morning and operate longer after school to maximize the amount of air purged from the building.
    • Outside air dampers are adjusted to bring additional outside air into each building.
    • District maintenance staff are working closely with CCG, the district controls specialist, to implement new strategies to optimize building air exchange.