• Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! I look forward to getting to know and learn with all of you. In order to have the most successful year possible, there are a few policies and procedures of which you need to be aware. Please read on for detailed information about our class and its requirements and expectations.

    Teacher Contact Information

    Mrs. Petraska

    Email: PetraskM@hudson.k12.oh.us


    Mrs. Petraska is available for questions, comments, concerns, and to provide extra help via email, during explorer period, and most days after school until 3:30. If you plan to stay for extra help after school, please see me for an appointment so I know to expect you.

    Student Behavior and Classroom Expectations

    To be a successful student in this class, you need to be:

    • Professional
      • This looks like: Being appropriately dressed, using all electronics in an appropriate manner, and handing in work on time (and in a manner that looks like you put significant effort into it). This is also using appropriate language and respecting yourself, your peers, and me, as well as using technology appropriately (see below for additional information on the appropriate use of technology).
    • Organized
      • This looks like: Having a binder with all your handouts and bringing all the materials you need to complete your work daily, as well as having a plan in place for when things don’t work out the way you plan or anticipate.
    • Purposed
      • This looks like: Being focused on your end goal, knowing your job each day, using resources productively to meet this goal, and following directions.

    ***Additionally, you will be held to the Hudson High School regulations as listed in your handbook. Pay special attention to the sections on dress code, the tardy policy, personal electronics, food/drink, and plagiarism/academic dishonesty.

    Attendance, Class Etiquette, and Class Participation Policies

    Our classroom (this includes our physical classroom and our Google Classroom) is centered upon trust, respect, and responsibility. You have my trust, unless you act in a manner which causes you to lose it. I hope you will come to trust me, too, and know that I am always here for you. Please know that you will always have my respect, and I expect yours as well. In terms of responsibility, you will demonstrate this through your daily actions. Therefore, it is a requirement that each student attends class on time, prepared; work is completed to the best of his or her ability, acts professionally, and makes meaningful contributions to our classroom community. If you are not in class, it is also your responsibility to obtain and make up any missed work from the absentee bin or via the Google Classroom.

    Necessary Supplies

    You are expected to bring the following to class daily:

    • Your binder
    • Your iPad, charged and ready for use
    • Our current text or your textbook (if applicable)
    • Pens, pencils, and a highlighter (not a marker) in a bright color

    Assessment and Grading

    You will be assessed on your mastery of the Common Core state standards for English/Language Arts. These standards will drive our learning targets and assessments for each unit and can be accessed by following this link: http://www.corestandards.org/ELA-Literacy.

    Your grade will be calculated using total points and comprised of the following:

    • Formative Assignments (Approximately 30% of your grade)
      • This is academic practice and may include homework, in-class assignments, and some discussions, quizzes,  and writing assignments
    • Summative Projects, Assessments, and Performance Tasks (Approximately 70% of your grade)
      • This is academic achievement and may include tests, quizzes, larger writing assignments, activities, and projects that assess how well you have mastered the material we are studying and our learning targets. Failure to hand in summative assignments will result in academic failure.

    Unless otherwise noted, your assignments and projects are expected to be typed and in MLA format. Additionally, formal English, grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be used at all times when writing or speaking.

    Late Work/Retake Policy

    Students are responsible for communicating with me when absent or when work will be late, (just as adults must do with their bosses in the real world). Work will be considered late if it is handed in after class on the due date and late work will only receive partial credit. If you perform poorly on select assignments, you may see me to petition for an opportunity to re-assess or revise within one week of receiving feedback.

    Professional and Appropriate Use of Technology

    We live in a society where technology’s power and usage is rapidly expanding. Social media outlets such as Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and the like may be utilized as instructional resources throughout the year. This technology is to be used in a professional and appropriate manner ONLY. This said, use of electronic devices in this classroom will be limited to instructional activities as directed by the teacher. Some tips:

    • Consider making a “school only” account that you will use to connect with teachers and classmates and which is separate from your personal account.
    • Please be aware that I am obligated by law to report or address any illegal/inappropriate behaviors that surface within students’ feeds, posts, messages, and etc. Be cautious about what you say and post. Remember, once something is out there, it can be very difficult to fully delete it or “take it back.”
    • For sensitive or individual matters (grades, etc), please communicate with me either face-to-face or via my Hudson.k12.oh.us email account.
    • Your Google account login is ID#@hudson.k12.oh.us and your password is your birthday in 00/00/00 form).

    Helpful Hints

    • DO keep up with all assigned reading.
    • DO take care of locker and restroom visits before or after class whenever possible.
    • DO find a study buddy in our class whom you can text, call, email, tweet, etc with questions or for help.
    • Do check the absentee bin when you miss class to obtain your missed work.
    • DO get in the habit of checking our Google classroom daily for updates, reminders, and our agendas.
    • DO come to class prepared, on time, and ready to work to your full potential.
    • DO ask questions, participate in discussions, and contribute to group activities.
    • DO NOT hesitate to ask for help when you need it.
    • DO NOT procrastinate assignments (especially large summative assignments!)
    • DO NOT wait until the end of the grading period to discuss grade concerns with me

    I look forward to working, learning, and growing with you, both personally and intellectually this school year. I also anticipate this year being a wonderful and memorable one for all of us. Let us relentlessly pursue greatness!

    “If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.”