Dear Students and Parents: 

    The publication of this Curriculum Guide is our way of sharing with you the courses and various educational programs/policies that students follow throughout their years at Hudson High School. It is our best attempt at compiling all the current information so students and parents can plan appropriately for next year and beyond. Specifically to our students, this document should serve as a valuable resource as you plan and schedule coursework for your high school years. Careful planning and thoughtful decision-making will make your high school experience positive as you build a solid educational foundation for the future. Particular attention should be directed at the Course Planning Guide located on the last few pages of this booklet - it’s a great planning strategy to keep the end in mind!

    Section I of this document includes important information regarding policies and programming. Due to numerous changes in graduation requirements set by the state of Ohio in recent years - including different options for different graduating classes—please take a moment to reference current options on the Ohio Department of Education website:
    In addition, our goal is to be upfront and transparent regarding school fees. We have worked hard to identify the required costs of each course and share those early on in this document. We have also scrutinized these fees to ensure our students receive the best possible experience at the least cost! 
    We are very proud of the vast, comprehensive programming we can offer each student; Section II summarizes all of the curricular opportunities for Hudson High School students. Numerous choices exist across the curriculum, from required courses in the core academics to electives in all areas of interest - our school counselors are here to help and remind students to select courses that 
    1. fulfill graduation requirements,
    2. best prepare them for their future and
    3. are areas of personal interest that contribute to each graduate’s level of well-roundedness.

    Seniors: make sure your senior year course selections reflect rigor - colleges are looking for it! Please realize that not all courses included in this Guide can be offered - decisions on which courses we schedule are based on sign-ups and staffing. Please ask any staff member for assistance if you have questions or concerns. I encourage every student to get involved and take advantage of all facets of our school program. For your convenience and to reference the most up-to-date information, this
    document can also be found on the school’s web page at
    Michael Miller

    This section of the HHS Curriculum Guide provides descriptions for each course offered at the high school as well as through the Six District Educational Compact. Information contained in this section is updated each year - the version posted on the school website is the most current ( For more information on any Six-District program, visit or see the Compact Career Catalog 2024-25. It’s important to stay abreast of changes that occur each year so that you and your parents can make the best decisions
    possible in planning your high school educational career. Please pay attention to graduation requirements, prerequisites, credits and grades eligible for
    each course - that information is provided under the course title. In our schedule you have the opportunity to take seven classes. Students are required to take at least six classes; seniors
    have the option of taking five but must pay attention to athletic/extracurricular eligibility. We encourage students to take advantage of the many options and choices offered here at HHS;
    we have a comprehensive program with a wide range of coursework that will afford you many opportunities that can lead to a very rewarding high school experience.
    Good planning up front in the scheduling process will help us in our efforts to offer the courses you choose. Be sure to include parents and guidance counselors in the process. Once the
    master schedule is finalized, it becomes very difficult to make changes later; students are held to their choices once the course verification forms are signed off by parents. For
    2024-25, only minor changes were made to the Curriculum Guide. Families need to pay attention to changes in required testing and graduation requirements from the Ohio
    Department of Education.