• Painting + Drawing

    We will start from basic line drawing and move to mark making, texture, shading, shapes, form, and follow through with design work. Good drawing is based on the elements and principles of art. Contour line drawing and looking with a trained eye is essential to good draftsmanship. Everyone can draw. I can teach you! Follow me. Then we will start with color theory and understanding the how, where and when of colors and their properties. This can be an bold eye opener. We will experiment with color through paint, pencils and other media. We will have a great time.



    We will look at the world through a new lens in this class. We will discover Architecture, which is each of the categories of STEAM, and see how it has progressed through time as well as creating a project of our own. We will discover Light through a variety of sources including artists' works, space and time. We will drill into new topics and apps to create!


    Cartooning + Animation

    We will examine the topic of comics and delve into making our own characters and story. We will look into Japanese comics and their beautiful style and create our own characters. Stop animation is one of the most fun things to do in this class and there are many forms to experiment with and subjects to approach. Let's have a blast creating.