• Mr. David Blue



    Mrs. Marie Rourke



    It is important to remember, things are going to look a bit different than in the past, but we can get by with patience, understanding, and support.


    Communication with Mr. Blue & Mrs. Rourke

    All communication will take place via email or Google Classroom.

    Phone calls will be as needed.


    Mr. Blue's Google Classroom

    See Mrs. Blue's website for the Math Google Classroom login code.



    Mrs. Rourke's Google Classroom

    Language Arts Google Classroom


    School to Home; Home to School

    These items need to go home (daily) and come to school (daily).

    • Masks (extra for school)
    • Planbook
    • Chromebook (fully charged on a nightly basis)
    • Headphones
    • Reading & writing notebook
    • Math Student Book or Home Connections
    • Recess activity bag
    • Lunch box (if needed)
    • Backpack


    Good Habit Development

    • Wear your mask at all times
    • Wash your hands frequently
    • Practice social distancing (6 feet minimum)
    • Pack your bag at night (charge your tech)
    • Have an dedicated & organized learning space at home
    • Take a break (its ok to walk away from the screen and get some fresh air)


    Class Management 2020-2021


    Class Lists 2020-2021