• Study Strategies

    Course Description


    Study Strategies is a full-year, one-credit class. A primary focus is working toward meeting students’ IEP goals and objectives. In addition, quarterly activities will focus on the following: 

    • Self-advocacy
    • Goal setting
    • Time management
    • Transition 
    • Reading and writing skills
    • Note-taking strategies
    • Test-preparation strategies
    • Test-taking strategies

    Classroom expectations:

    • Arrive to class on time
    • Begin and continue a task with minimal prompting
    • Treat others respectfully
    • Seek help when needed
    • In addition, please be aware of the Hudson High School regulations listed in the handbook.


    Procedures in a hybrid model:

    • Within the first 5 minutes of class, complete the Google Form (found at the top of your Google Classroom) to identify your priorities for the day. This is how we will take attendance, so if you are at home, be sure to complete the form at the start of the class period to avoid being marked absent. 
    • Students at home will have the opportunity for support via a Zoom session within the class period. 


    Flex Pass Guidelines:

    • Sophomores in Study Strategies will not be permitted to have a flex pass. 
    • Juniors and seniors who have a minimum of 5 credits not including Study Strategies may be eligible for a flex pass. This will be determined on an individual basis between the case manager, parent, and student. Please note, the weekly minutes of service on the IEP must still be met.