• Use the directory tree at the left to navigate to specific pages

    Google Classroom

    Students will access general assignments through Google Classroom.  Each assignment will show up on the Google calendar page associated with their specific section, which you can navigate to from the directory on the left. In the lower left corner of the calendar you will see a box that looks like this:

    icon to add embedded google calendar
    You can add this calendar to your own list of calendars by pressing the plus sign.

    Grades in Google Classroom ARE NOT the official grades.


    Home Access Center

    This is where the official grades will be located.  Missing grades are not counted in the average score.


    Delta Math

    We will be using Delta Math to process some homework and other assessments. Students will have an account tied to their Hudson email.  The scores and dates you see in Delta Math ARE NOT official. Use GC for dates and HAC for grades.