• Course Guidelines - Algebra 2 2021/22


    Contact Information:


    Mr. Knavish (Mr. K)

    Email: knavishk@hudson.k12.oh.us

    Phone: 330.653.1416 x4298

    Mrs. Hester (3rd Period)

    Email: hester@hudson.k12.oh.us

    Phone 330.653.1416 x4153

    Mrs. Seredick (4th/5th Period)

    Email seredick@hudson.k12.oh.us

    Phone 330.653.1416 x3554




    It takes two academic years to cover the Ohio Learning Standards for Algebra. This class is the second of this sequence. In addition to laying the foundation for future math classes, Algebra gives students practice in solving problems they will encounter in their everyday lives.


    Course Materials:

    District supplied iPad - It is vital this is charged and with the student for every class..

    A fine point stylus for iPad - Class notes and homeworks assignments will be distributed on the iPad via Google Classroom. Students will be free-hand writing on the iPad and submitting documents. You DO NOT need to buy an expensive Apple pencil or equivalent. I use either an Adonit Note ($49 on Amazon) or this one I got on Amazon (for $18). 

    Calculator - We will be using calculators found on the iPad or Desmos for most work in this class. Students that have graphing calculators are welcome to use them, as long as they are the standard Hudson Math Department models (TI-84 Plus or TI-84 Plus CE). If you plan to purchase a graphing calculator, please make sure it is one of the models above. If you have any questions, please contact me before you purchase a calculator. These aren’t cheap and I want to make sure you know why and for what you are spending your money.

    Paper/Pencil - Assessments taken during class will be on paper. Students should be prepared with pencils and erasers for each class.


    Grades will be 70% Summative and 30% Formative


    • These are “traditional” tests that are designed to assess the student’s mastery of the subject 
    • Test grades are not curved.
    • I will provide an opportunity for students to retake summative assessments to improve their grade. The student must correctly complete test corrections or remediation as assigned before they are eligible to retest. Students that score below 70% on any summative assessment will be scheduled for a retest. Students that score 70% or above may retest, if they choose.


    • Formative assessments consist of quizzes, homeworks, team tests and similar exercises.These assignments allow the students to earn points for a grade, but are mainly designed to give the students and instructors to determine how well the students are mastering the material.


    Late Work and Absences

    • Homework is given to provide students practice for the summative assessments and to give both teachers and students information on how well the student is mastering the material. As such, students are expected to complete the work as assigned. With that said, we understand that things happen. Occasional late work will be accepted with no loss of points, provided the work is submitted at least 3 days before the summative assessment for the unit. However, repeated late homework (starting at 2 missed assignments in a row) will result in corrective actions. These actions may include assigned Explorer Periods, short detentions, loss of credit and/or referral to the appropriate Assistant Principal for further action. 
    • Students that are absent are responsible to complete work as assigned or make other arrangements with the teachers. This includes due dates, as the class notes and assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.


    Cheating and Plagiarism

    • Please refer to the student handbook for expectations and consequences.
    • Material submitted may be screened through applications designed to detect plagiarism and determine originality.
    • Collaboration on homework is accepted and encouraged, but each student should understand everything they submit. 


    There are several ways for students to receive help

    • Math Lab - The math lab is open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 AM and every period during the day.
    • Online - Students can check my YouTube Channel for mini lessons on topics (Mr. K’s YouTube). Khan Academy is a good, free resource for help. 
    • Explorer Period - Students can walk into our classroom on Tuesday 10:35 and 11:05 AM for help. Students may be assigned to attend Explorer Period at the discretion of the teachers.
    • With Teachers - Please contact me directly to schedule time before or after school for individual help. Scheduling is requested so I can control the number of students in my room at a time to ensure proper social distancing.
    • Peer-to-Peer - There is peer-to-peer tutoring and homework help through the school on Thursday’s after school. There is also peer-to-peer homework help through the Hudson Library. Specific information on these options will be published when available. 

    Please check Mr. K’s district website for updates and changes.