• Week ending 9/17

    This week was review of material for Chapter 1. We had our first Team Test on 9/17 and will have the Chapter 1 Indvidual Test on 9/20.

    Week ending 9/10

    We finished up the work in Chapter 1 this week. Next week we will start review for the test and have a Team Test on Friday. The Chapter 1 Individual Test is planned for 9/20.

    Week ending 9/3

    This week we had our first homework assignments with 1.1.3 being due on Friday. Subject matter was review of domain and range, solving systems of equations and factoring.

    Week of 8/23 - 8/27


    It was a great week of getting to know each other. Friday we broke into groups to solve a brain teaser to learn that math doesn't always mean numbers and equations. We'll have an Algebra Skills Inventory (fancy words for an asssessment that won't be graded) to see what everybody remembers from Algebra 1.