• In order to manage the large number of documents to be graded - I am going to ask you to upload to Google Classroom as a PDF file (NOT PICTURES - if i get pictures of every single page from every single student I will drown in pictures and will have to convert each one to a PDF on my end - that's not going to work with 125 students - thanks for helping me out).

    Also, do NOT email me the assignment unless you have communicated to me that you are having Google Classroom issues. I can work with you one on one on both of these issues.



    • NO picture or picture files will be accepted – assignments need to be uploaded PDFs

    • Be sure that all pages are facing right side up (not sideways or upside down)

    • You MUST scan all pages as a SINGLE PDF file

    • Upload into the correct assignment in Google Classroom

How to Scan a Document as a PDF

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.