• "The role of the middle school guidance program is to promote human dignity
    and worth in all aspects of our students."


    Hudson Middle School Guidance

    Who are we:
    The middle school guidance program is a part of the Hudson City School District's
    Comprehensive Student Services Program. All of our counselors are state
    licensed and possess a minimum of a Master's degree in school counseling.

    Who is my counselor:
    Students will have the same counselor each year as they move through the Middle School.

    For 2021-2022, the counselor assignments are as follows:

    Mrs. Streby- 8th grade
    Mrs. Wallack- 6th grade
    Mrs. Wood- 7th grade 

    Lynn Mazur, Administrative Assistant

    What we believe:
    We believe in the educational philosophy of the Hudson City Schools and
    are committed to developing the physical, mental, emotional, and social
    development of all children so that he or she may realize the full measure
    of their potential.