• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of September 7, 2020
     9-11-20 1
    9-11-20 2

    Our new art installation celebrating our students and their countries of origin! Special thanks to our HMS PTO for their gift that will continue to grow as we welcome our new students each year! 

    9-11-20 2

    In Math, collaboration between in-school and at-home students, as they utilize math strategies to solve a series of problems. 

    9-11-20 8
    Language Arts students share their "I Am..." poems with one another.
    9-11-20 3
    Students in Sculpture class begin learning a new technique!
    9-11-20 5
    During Team Worktime, this group plays a fun game together to begin to build connections - there was so much laughter and excitement coming from this classroom!
    9-11-20 6
    In Language Arts, students participated in Zoom breakout rooms for small-group discussion and collaboration.
    9-11-20 20  
    To begin class, students review the daily agenda in Google Classroom, both at-home and in-person.
    9-11-20 4
    Band practice occurs outside, when the weather permits - we have been fortunate to have a series of beautiful days so far! It's always so wonderful to hear student music!