• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of September 28, 2020
    10-2-20 1

    Some of our 7th graders strengthening their reading stamina during Team Time. 


    10-2-20 2

    Sixth graders working on plot collaboratively and/or independently in our beautiful team learning area! 


    10-2-20 3
    In 6th grade Social Studies, movement is a theme of geography! Do businesses consider the same reasons while moving as families do? Students had 45 minutes to identify Push/Pull factors before making their pitch.
    10-2-20 4
    8th grade Science students using Zoom breakout rooms to work with partners at home as they investigate the role of probability in genetics.
    10-2-20 5

    Students practice and prepare plot lines for Multimedia Storybook Project, in 6th grade Language Arts


    10-2-20 6
    In 8th grade Language Arts, students in-class and at-home play Zoom Pictionary with word families.
    10-2-20 7

    Students in the room are cooperatively working with our remote learners to complete a Roller Coaster Physics activity, in 7th grade Science class. This spirit of cooperation makes us feel very proud of our students!

    9-17-20 10

    Homework Help for ALL Students: Virtual FREE tutoring is available through Hudson Library, courtesy of our HHS National Honor Society Students. A beneficial program for your HMS student if he/she needs a little support. Use this link to register or for more information: https://www.hudsonlibrary.org/programs-events/teen/homework-connection/