Option 1: Remote Learning All Students Learning at Home

Remote Learning 2.0: All Students Work from Home

  • The plan may apply to a single class, building, or the entire district pending SCPH.


    • School transitions from IN PERSON to eLearning AT HOME
    • Academic expectations in full force, including grading and report cards
    • Students with disabilities will have remote learning plans developed collaboratively.
    • Attendance will be taken following ODE guidelines
    • Student Code of Conduct applies
    • School and community well-being supports maintained
    • Schools/campus/classrooms may be restricted
    • No large group student events or performances
    • No interscholastic athletic contests and no in person extra-curriculars
    • No field trips
    • HCER in-person activities will be suspended

Student Supports

    • All Hudson students are now eligible for free breakfast and lunch!
      • Access to free breakfast and lunch starts on September 28, 2020, and will last as long as federal funding continues to be available. Free breakfast and lunch will be provided to all students, including those who are learning virtually. Meals will be prepared a week at a time, and parents/guardians can pick up meals every Monday from 4:30 to 6:30 pm (please note new time), at East Woods Intermediate School (the Old Hudson Middle School) at 77 N. Oviatt St. You must pre-order your meals for pick up by 1 pm on Thursday. Please note, beginning Monday, Oct. 19, pickup meals will be available for hybrid students at the high school and VLO students only - K-8 students that were in Blue Group and White Group can now eat at their schools. Learn more.
      School counselors, social worker, clinical counselors, and administrators are available.
    • All K-12 students will have a device assigned: K-5 Chromebooks and 6-12 iPads.
    • Families needing internet access can contact Julie Schultz, Social Worker, or their school counselor.