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Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee


  • The Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee is a committee of students, staff, parents, and community members who volunteer their time to advance the district's mission of progressing toward cultural proficiency. The Advisory Committee is not a decision-making body, instead, the members research best practices and draw on their own areas of expertise to advise and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding policy and procedure, curriculum, professional development, cultural programming, and behavioral health as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our schools. 


  • OBJECTIVE 1. Hire Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator

  • OBJECTIVE 2. Determine current cultural proficiency baseline with a focus on anti-racist multicultural data points

  • OBJECTIVE 3. Establish Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee

  • OBJECTIVE 4. Conduct Curriculum/Academics audit focusing on cultural proficiency and identify necessary revisions

  • OBJECTIVE 5. Review anti-harassment and bullying policies including training and procedures for following policies.

  • OBJECTIVE 6. Establish targeted meetings focused on racial climate, hosted by the Superintendent

  • OBJECTIVE 7. Implement Behavioral Health Support (minority focused)

  • OBJECTIVE 8. Establish process by which students, parents, staff member report racial incidents

  • OBJECTIVE 9. Provide staff professional development to support implementation of objectives

  • OBJECTIVE 10. Identify and develop programming focusing on cultural proficiency

  • OBJECTIVE 11. Review and and make recommendations for modifications to hiring practices to recruit and retain staff members of color

Cultural Proficiency Advisory Committee Members




    Parents & Community Members

    Gabby Edge, Gr. 10

    Crystal Boyd, Occupational Therapist

    Katy Alfaro

    Demi Gutierrez, Gr. 12

    Sean Carmichael, HHS History

    Jen Batton

    Isaiah Henderson, Gr. 8

    Karen Carter, Nutrition Services

    Steve DiMauro

    Charlie Herman, Gr. 11

    Mike Chuppa, Athletic Director

    Doug Ellison

    Numa Lodhi, Gr. 11

    Jen Devore, School Psychologist

    James Field

    Noah Niklas, Gr. 7

    Jakki Dukes, HHS VLO/ARC

    Devi Gursahaney

    Lucy Pulis, Gr. 8

    Kelly Grannis, 1st Grade

    Terra Howell-Muth

    Jenan Qaraqish, Gr. 11

    Phil Herman, Superintendent

    Jane Howington

    Hannah Qin, Gr. 9

    Emily Hertz, Special Education Coordinator

    Dexter James

    Kayli Rego, Gr. 11

    Jay Hill, HHS Math

    Chante Jones

    Alice Xu, Gr. 11

    Cathy Kantin, HMS Social Studies

    Laura Jones


    Tara Kieser, Elementary Administrator

    Hannah Lake


    Mark McConnell, Coach/EWIS Physical Education

    Sam Maniar


    Doreen Osmun, Assistant Superintendent

    Sherif Mansour


    Rebecca Rice, Literacy Coordinator

    Tania Nemer


    Maureen Schreiner, Elementary School Administrator

    Nirali Patel


    Brett Spicer, HMS Language Arts

    Cynthia Peeples


    Maria Sramek, HHS World Languages

    Lisa Radigan


    Cailin Tsangaris, 3rd Grade

    Rabbi Michael Ross


    Nyree Wilkerson, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Coordinator

    Chief Perry Tabak



    Sara Viar



    Denise Ward



    Sharon Wasco



    Yanmei Xu