Learning Models

  • Option 1: All In
  • Option 1: Hybrid
  • Option1: Remote Learning 2.0
  • Option 2: Virtual Learning

Hudson Ready: Back to School Plan

  • All plans are subject to change based on evolving conditions, data about the status of the pandemic, and recommendations and guidance from public health authorities and the scientific community.

    Hudson Ready Plan Details

    • With the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19, the plans are being evaluated regularly.  The student learning framework of Option 1 and Option 2 will not change. Some procedures may be refined along the way as we learn more.
    • Building a flexible plan providing parents a choice. 
    • The District has two options for student learning: Option 1 provides transitions that will help us pivot as decision making factors change from ALL IN (students attend school five days per week) to a Hybrid model (students alternate days between attending school, and to remote learning 2.0 (at home). Option 2 provides 100% full-time virtual learning at home by semester or trimester depending on the age of your child(ren).

    Transitioning between Option Learning Models

    At the October 12, 2020, Board of Education meeting, Phil Herman, presented multiple factors used when considering the All-In recommendation, which included:  

    • Summit County’s COVID-19 Risk Level and reasoning
    • Local/State/Federal guidance
    • Summit County confirmed cases
    • 44236 confirmed cases
    • Hudson City School District confirmed cases
    • Area hospitalization rates and bed availability
    • COVID-19 case numbers of surrounding districts in various learning models

    In each learning model, our students and staff will continue to practice key and secondary safety protocols established by the CDC and Summit County Public Health. While the High School will remain in Hybrid at this time, we will continue to closely monitor all of our buildings, and evaluate the learning models for all students to achieve our overall goal of providing an excellent educational experience in as safe an environment as possible.

    The Hudson City School District believes, when prudent, children need to be in school. The relationships our students form with their teachers are a large part of a successful school experience for all ages. The Hudson Ready Plan also recognizes the need to be flexible. The District will be vigilant moving forward by closely monitoring the data factors above and providing up-to-date information to our Board of Education for future considerations regarding our learning instructional models.

    As guidance continues to evolve, so will the Hudson Ready Plan. It continues to be crucial to our plan as we move forward, the ability to pivot and be flexible as we make decisions about what learning models/options will best help us keep our students and staff safe and provide our students with the academic experience they need.

    Option 1 

    Within the learning models of Option 1, students will follow a very similar schedule. The All In, Hybrid, and Remote Learning 2.0 all have very similar schedules so students and teachers can develop a routine and these schedules provide for consistency within each model.

    With COVID-19 as a realistic threat to students and families it is important that we prepare for students to live in the remote setting for various increments of time throughout the year. This remote learning might be the result of a temporary quarantine, or it might be the result of a full scale shutdown. It is important that we have the capacity for flexibility depending on circumstances to support students and families. This will also reduce teacher workload as students can fluidly move from remote to face-to-face and vice versa and will not require extensive support for each individual student circumstance over the course of the year.

    Virtual Learning Option (Option 2)

    • Families commit to a trimester (K-5) or a semester (6-12) for a 100% fully virtual learning experience.  
    • Students in grades K-5 VLO will be assigned a Hudson teacher. They will follow a schedule that is similar to students who are in Option 1. They will have synchronous and asynchronous learning within their daily schedule. Teachers who are assigned to the VLO classrooms will be working with students throughout the day, very similar to their current schedules. 
    • Students in grades 6-12 will utilize APEX as their curriculum source. APEX is a self-paced curricular option. Students will be scheduled APEX courses that align with their current schedule as best as possible. APEX electives do not closely align with our Hudson classes.  However, there is a robust selection of electives for students. MS and HS counselors will facilitate scheduling.
    • In grades 6-8, VLO students will be assigned to a team. Each team will have approximately 8-15 students. Teachers will be Zooming at least once a week to touch base with the VLO students. The purpose of the check in will be focused on wellness and academic check-in. Attendance will be taken at each Zoom session. There will be a designated teacher managing VLO students.
    • In grades 9-12, VLO students will be assigned a VLO teacher facilitator. Teachers will be Zooming once a week to check-in with the VLO students. The purpose of the check in will be focused on wellness and academic touch base. Attendance will be based on lesson progress and session time. The math lab and writing lab will be available to the HS VLO students by scheduling time in the labs. There will be a designated teacher managing VLO students.
    • For students with disabilities in grades 6-12 selecting the Virtual Learning Option, who receive all of his/her instruction in the core content areas (Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies) in a Resource setting (with no typical peers), they will continue to have access to the modified curriculum via live streaming of the resource class(es).
    • Information about APEX is posted on the District's Hudson Ready website under Virtual Learning Program.
    • Students who are taking the higher levels of their world language – ASL, Levels lll*, lV, and AP - if interested, will apply for credit flex/independent study or College Credit Plus through a university. The credit flex application is available on the High School website under the Guidance Department. Only classes NOT offered through the ESC of Northeast Ohio or Eastern Ohio ESC will be available for Credit Flex. Credit Flex is an alternative way to earn HS credit through an application process. The due date for these specific courses is waived.
    • Ideally, elementary virtual learning teachers will have one grade level. However, depending on elementary enrollment, there may be some classes that span two grade levels.