• school bus

    • One to two students per seat depending on ridership.
    • Hand Sanitizer stations are provided on each bus.  Students are required to sanitize before entering and exiting the bus.
    • Students are required to wear face masks at bus stops unless they are outside at a 6' physical distance, or with just family members.
    • Students wear masks on buses.

    »Watch the Bus Safety Video.


  • Essential Visitors and Volunteers

    • Visitors who must enter the school will be limited to the main office or designated meeting area to allow for physical distancing, must wear a face covering, and follow all other required health and safety protocols. 
    • Essential volunteers will be permitted with an administrators approval.
    • During the student school day, guest speakers, special guests, etc. need to be provided remotely unless approved by an administrator. No in-person classroom presentations, museum walks, etc.
    • Classroom volunteers will not be permitted.

    Vendors and Deliveries

    (Including Food Deliveries)

    • Food deliveries for students will be NOT be accepted.
    • Staff are asked to please limit personal food deliveries, if possible.
    • Parent deliveries to students will be dropped off in building vestibules. Each building will have procedures for getting the items to students.

    Parent Meetings

    • Meetings, whenever possible, should be scheduled virtually. If an in-person meeting is required, parents/visitors must wear a face covering and follow all other required health and safety protocols.