• Special Education and Related Services

    When we are considering caseloads, assignments, delivery of specially designed instruction and related services, and supports for students, we are always looking for ways to minimize exposure and reduce contact for students and staff while still providing quality instruction and meeting individual student needs.  We are providing some of our supports and services differently, and utilizing PPE and other health and safety measures to meet student needs.

    • Schedule virtual parent meetings/IEPs/ETRs if possible. If it is not possible to schedule a meeting virtually, physical distancing and masks are required.
    • The District completed Individualized Remote Learning Plans for all students on IEPs, regardless of whether they choose Option 1 or Option 2. Development of the Remote Learning Plan was a collaborative conversation between the intervention specialist, the parent(s), and a special education coordinator/administrator - working together to understand how best to support each student.
    • Students with the most significant disabilities may attend school everyday while we are in Hybrid model (for Option 1 families) if they meet criteria identified in a comprehensive rubric.  We have reached out directly to families of students who meet this criterion. 
    • Grade 6-12 students that attend a resource class for any of their core academics (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and/or Science) are eligible to attend 5 days per week if the district is in a Hybrid model.
    • The District has purchased Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all staff that are responsible for any hygiene, toileting or feeding needs of students with disabilities.  PPE available includes face shields, disposable gowns, disposable masks, disposable gloves and goggles.  The District also provided Advanced Medical Training in Toileting and Feeding for staff responsible for these duties (by grade level bands) with the District RN during the week of Professional Development at the start of school.
    • All staff have access to a plexiglass divider in classrooms to utilize when working individually with students, with some additional plexiglass structures/dividers/trifolds in specific classrooms and available for working closely with students with significant disabilities.

    Regarding Preschool Families

    The Option 1 plan does apply to preschool students:

    • All-in, 10 students
    • Hybrid, 10 students
    • Remote Learning 2.0, no students at school

    Families with a preschooler with disability (disabilities) wanting Option 2—Virtual Learning—should contact Kelly Kempf, Director of Pupil Services, kempfk@hudson.k12.oh.us to discuss specialized services. Families choosing Option 2 for peer preschoolers are opting out of the Hudson Preschool program.