• 6-8th Grade Daily Hygiene Schedule

    Please have students use hand sanitizer after every academic block.


    Enter building, use hand sanitizer. 

    After Every Academic Block

    Students use hand sanitizer.


    Teachers have discretion to take a snack break. If 6’ physical distance can be maintained, outside is best. Students wash their hands both before and after eating.  Students physically distance due to having masks off, even outside.  No snacks are permitted indoors.

    Before Lunch Recess

    Students use hand sanitizer.

    Before Lunch

    Students wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

    After Lunch

    Students wash hands or use hand sanitizer.

    Before and After every special(s)

    Students use hand sanitizer/wash hands. 

    Before and After class recess

    Students use hand sanitizer (if they stay inside) or wash their hands if they go outside. 


    Before students exit the building they wash their hands or use hand sanitizer.


    • Students are 6ft. apart during lunches, and will scan QR code to record seating.
    • Students wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after they eat.
    • Students have assigned seats during grade level lunches. Students had the opportunity to choose their seats in order to socialize with friends. 
    • Once seated, students are not allowed to leave their seat during lunch unless permission is given by a lunch monitor.

    HMS Cubbies

    • Students have been assigned cubbies within their grade level Team Learning Areas. Students use cubbies in small groups with physical distancing measures in place.


    • Hallway directionality was taught to students and signage is visible.
    • Stairwells have been designated by grade level, and are one way according to the bell schedule.
    • Hallways and stairwells are split in half - with directional arrows on the floor.  
    • Floor decals are used throughout the building in designated areas to provide visual guides for physical distancing (restrooms, clinic, lunch lines, teachers desk, office area, etc.).

    HMS Arrival

    • Students can enter school grounds & building at 7:20 a.m.
    • Students use hand sanitizer as they enter the building.
    • Breakfast is available during Encore periods.

    Grade level entrances:

    • Door W:  6th grade - enter Door W and proceed to 6th grade Team Learning Area.
    • Door A:  7th grade - enter Door A and proceed to 7th grade Team Learning Area.
    • Door B:  8th grade - enter Door B and proceed to 8th grade Team Learning Area.

    HMS Dismissal 

    Students gather their belongings, wash/disinfect their hands and return to last period class for dismissal. When dismissed, students exit the building via the door they entered. 

    1st Round: Bus Riders

    2nd Round: Parent Pick-Up and Walkers/Bikers

    **Note:  This plan could change based on the number of students riding busses or using parent transportation.

    Mask Breaks

    • Mask breaks can take place outside with teacher discretion and during lunch periods.
    • Physical distancing measures will be in place.

    »Practicing Social Distancing (Akron Children's Hospital)

    »University Hospital's ABCDs of COVID-19