• musicupdate

     Session 8 - Week of April 12th

    It's so wonderful to see all of the musicicans from Mrs. Belza, Ms. Siers, and Mrs. Koneval's classes back in music!

    We began our time back in music reviewing our class rules and instrument procedures and promptly got back to playing Orff and classroom instruments.

    Mrs. Belza's and Mrs. Koneval's classes are on their second session of music and we learned the Appalachian folk song "Rocky Mountain". Everyone was able to play their own part on our Orff instruments to show how everyone is important in a musical ensemble.

    Ms. Siers' class is on their third session of music and has learned about rondo form (ABACADAE, etc.) by creating contrasting rhythmic sections to go with our song, the "A" section.

    All classes have been learning about musical theater this week as well. We have discussed what types of musicals there are, what types of jobs there are in musical theater, and about how music in the shows help tell the story.

    Looking forward to another great week with everyone next week!

    Mrs. Sabree