• Hello, Students, staff, and friends of Hudson High school! Welcome to the National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) page! 

    My name is Meghan Neville and I am the communications coordinator. This page talks about NCHS and what we are up to! I will be updating all the society news for you all! Allow me to introduce the rest of our officers and their positions. Our president is Erica Liu, our Vice President is Katrina Li, and our artistic coordinator is Laura Zhang! The teacher in charge of our program is the awesome Mr.Wang (王老师), who makes this organization really fun to be in and helps us learn. Our goal in NCHS is to learn about the Chinese language and culture and to share it with the school. Watch out for upcoming projects and events from NCHS! We look forward to teaching our school about Chinese culture and language! 


     Meghan Neville 倪美美 

  • NCHS and Dear Asian Youth Spreading Love in Honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month:

    In Honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Dear Asian Youth and National Chinese Honors Society have put posters in multiple languages all around the high school with the phrase: “Love your Neighbor” in order to promote peace and celebrate diversity! The languages included are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Latin, Vietnamese, German, French, and American Sign Language all reading “Love your Neighbor. We hope you’ll join us in spreading the love and celebrating diversity!

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  • Congratulations to Katrina Li! (Qiao Li):

    I’m so excited to announce that Katrina Li (Qiao Li), our very own Chinese 4 student and Vice President of the National Chinese Honors Society, won first place in the Chinese essay writing competition by the Confucius Institute of The University of Akron! She was given a certificate/price, which she is holding in the picture below! We are so proud of her and her hard work, dedication, and talent she brings to Hudson High School! Congratulations Katrina!



  • Chinese Corner - Chinese, Games, Friendships

    March 2021

    On March 15th, the National Chinese Honors Society came to school on a late start day to play board games, such as Guess Who and Chinese Checkers, and only speaking Mandarin Chinese! This allowed for us students to practice our speaking skills while having fun with friends! This was our first Chinese Corner of the year, which is what we are calling days dedicated to doing activities related to learning about the Chinese language and culture! It is available to anyone in the school, even if you don’t speak Chinese or aren’t in the class. Everyone is welcome! We hope to see you there at our next event!




  • National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) and Dear Asian Youth

    Come Together to Celebrate Chinese New Year and Decorate the School

    February 2021

    After school, the National Chinese Honors Society (NCHS) and Dear Asian Youth were hard at work decorating the senior courtyard with paper lanterns and a poster made for Chinese New Year. To share a piece of Chinese culture with the school, the students made Hongbao (红包), otherwise known as red envelopes, which are traditionally filled with money and given to children from their relatives this holiday. The Hongbao from NCHS/Dear Asian Youth were filled with chocolate coins instead of money and were made for anyone who wanted one. They were gone very quickly! We are glad to be able to share such an awesome culture with HHS. Thank you to all of the students who participated in the decorating of the school and to Mr. Wang for organizing it. 






    National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS) Induction Ceremony

    January 2021

    We welcomed new members into the National Chinese Honors Society with an induction ceremony. The students were given a candle and sworn in by reciting a promise in both English and Mandarin Chinese. As the students sat back down and blew out their candles, each student was awarded a certificate welcoming them into the society from the amazing Chinese teacher, Mr. Wang (王老师). We are grateful to Mr. Wilch who came in to watch the ceremony and congratulate us. We are also grateful to Mr. Wang, who has made this achievement possible.


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