• Summer School- May 15, 2020 Update

    We are planning to offer summer school, Physical Education and Online Health.  On April 29, 2020, new orders from the Ohio Department of Health indicated schools are closed to students until June 30, 2020.  The health and safety of our students, staff, and community is our highest priority while creating educational opportunities that optimize student learning. The following will provide families with information that will help guide their decision making. 


    Online Health 

    Health classes will be done virtually using APEX software as the textbook and curricular experience. A High School teacher will be monitoring student progress, hosting office hours, and touch base with the students taking health. 

    Health will only be online including all assessments. 

    Dates:  June 1st - July 10th, 2020

    Orientation: At orientation, students will be provided information about their usernames and logins, review the rules and expectations of taking a semester course fully online. Orientation will be done in a virtual setting. 

    Tests and Quizzes: All assessments will be completed online.  

    CPR graduation requirement: Starting with the class of 2023, all students must have CPR instruction (not certification) as part of their HS classes. In Hudson, we have integrated the requirement into our health classes. Your student will need to schedule the CPR requirement on a Wednesday morning during the 2020-2021 school year.

    Office Hours: The health teacher will have set times throughout the week to help students with the content, to answer any questions, and to touch base. The office hours are not required but are strongly recommended as a way to access help and support. 

    Fee: Remains the same at $170.


    Physical Education

    Please read carefully. Summer PE is completely revised. 

    We have been planning two pathways for physical education for the summer school course. At this time, we will be hosting a virtual summer physical education course. The course requirement for PE is a total of 60 hours of activity that covers the many Ohio Learning Standards. 

    On May, 14, 2020 Governor DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health have provided an outline of allowable experiences to occur at school. We will be following those guidelines for when students are on campus.  A detailed calendar of activities will be provided over the next few weeks.  

    Independent Study-20 hours: Students will be assigned 20 hours of physical activity to be completed prior to the July 6th start date.  Physical Education teachers will be scheduling time each week to check in on your progress.  Logging a variety of physical activities into an online form would be a requirement to track your progress for the independent study part of the course. 

    Onsite PE: July 6-17: If allowable and if logistically possible we will replace the virtual PE sessions with in-person PE classes. Students will stay onsite at the High School and also plan to travel to other locations like Kent State University, Hudson Springs Park for kayaking/canoe, and Sto-Kent Lanes. Parents would be responsible for transportation to the locations. 

    ** If the guidelines change again, we will switch to Virtual PE: July 6-July 17: Students will be meeting virtually with their assigned PE teacher from 8:00-12:00.  Teachers are researching and planning lessons that are interactive and also engage students in wellness. 

    Physical Education Teachers: Since we can continue with our plans and have the class in person, we intend to have more teachers to achieve smaller student to teacher ratios.  The guidelines from Governor DeWine, Ohio Department of Health, and the CDC will be followed. 

    Office Hours: The PE teachers will begin office hours two weeks prior, to assist students with any help, support, and to provide regular check-ins while the students are working on their independent study.  

    Attendance: We still expect to have students attend the sessions. If a student or a parent does not feel comfortable sending their student onsite, during the week of July 20th, the PE teachers will be hosting virtual class makeup times. 

    Every precaution will be taken to keep our students safe. The onsite option will only occur if we can safely bring students together following the guidelines.  


    Onsite PE: $250.00 

    Fee: Virtual PE-$175.00** Just in case we need to switch to a virtual format. We do not want to cancel without a plan for students to earn their PE credit. 


    If you fully withdraw from summer PE, you will receive a full refund. 

    If you are continuing with the virtual PE which is guaranteed and you have already paid the fee, you will be refunded $125.00 (which is the difference). 

    Refunds will not be granted after June 30th. Summer school is fully self-funded and staffing decisions have been determined by enrollment. 



    If you have not made a payment yet, please send $175.00. If we are able to have the in-person PE sessions, the remainder of the fee will be due by June 12th.  Send payment to:

    Hudson City Schools

    Attn: Summer School

    2386 Hudson Aurora Rd

    Hudson, OH 44236


    In order to plan more effectively for staffing the PE class, all PE students must complete the form: 

    Required Summer PE Form