• Welcome to B213!

    I'm excited you're here!

    We're going to have an amazing year in science!

Mrs. Fritsch
  • This year in science, we will begin with Heredity & Genetics, where you'll discover how you ended up as you! Do you have blue eyes but your parents have brown eyes? Or do you have brown hair but your parents have blonde hair? We'll answer these and many more questions!
    Later in the year, we will learn about Small and Large Scale Geologic Processes where we will look into how the surface of the Earth has changed and continues to do so due to geologic processes. As we study Evolution, we'll "unearth" the earliest lifeforms and follow the fossil record to present day and see how life has changed and continues to evolve over time. Curious about how forces can impact motion? In our Forces unit, we will study electricity, magnetism, and gravity and discover ways that direct and indirect forces play a role in our lives.
    We will investigate these topics through hands-on learning, investigations, reading, writing, and research. Students will have multiple opportunities to achieve and demonstrate mastery of topics.
    I can't wait to get to know you this year!

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