• Transition

    In Ohio, students with disabilities aged 14 formally enter into the secondary transition planning process. A truly successful transition process is the result of comprehensive planning that is driven by the student’s preferences, interests, needs, and strengths. This comprehensive planning moves students toward successful future outcomes in competitive, integrated employment, education, and independent living. (Ohio Department of Education & Workforce - Secondary Transition and Workforce Development)

    Some of our school-based transition options for students are summarized on this page.  Please note that this list is not exhaustive and IEP teams will determine the individualized services and activities appropriate for each student.

    Career Assessment

    Career assessment is a process in which the student is evaluated in academic and non-academic areas to assess their strengths and areas of concern.  Students are asked questions that address career areas that may be of interest to them and are informed of opportunities that they could tap into that may lead to a particular career field.   This service is typically carried out when the student is in the 10th grade.  At times, exceptions are made to this plan. 

    Functional Living Lab and Coffee Shop

    The Functional Living Lab at Hudson High School is a hands-on program for students with special needs to learn everyday living and employability skills to prepare them for life outside of school. The Sweet Sensations Café is the main component of the Functional Living Lab.    The S.S. Café is a student-managed and operated snack shop that is a popular 'hang-out' for HHS students. It is open Tuesdays during Explorer period and Wednesday mornings from 8-11 a.m.  The menu includes homemade muffins, made-from-scratch cookies, fresh fruit smoothies, coffee, tea, and juices. Several gluten-free items are available.  Students are involved in all tasks necessary to run the Café and the Lab, including shopping, laundry, inventory, budgeting, cooking and baking. Other functional skills include re-stocking, cleaning, and social skills. 

    Six District Educational Compact Career Technical Education

    The Six District Educational Compact provides career-tech opportunities for Hudson City School District students to participate in college prep courses while developing real-world workforce skills.  

    Work Study (Six District Program)

    The Work-Study Program is a related service offered to students with high-incidence disabilities and who are enrolled in high school. Participants must currently be on an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). Students have the opportunity to earn elective school credit and receive wages while working in the community. The Work-Study Program encourages students to develop good work habits and a positive attitude toward employment. The Work-Study Coordinator acts as a liaison within the Compact schools for the purposes of collaboration and communication among the students, school personnel, parents and the employers in the community. The Coordinator provides a continuum of services to promote transition from the school environment to the world of work.

    Supported Postsecondary Community Experiences 

    This program is for students who have met graduation requirements and the IEP team has determined that there is a need for ongoing skill development in the areas of employment, leisure, and independent living.  Levels of support and content of instruction are varied across the continuum to meet the needs of each student.  Students are still enrolled in school services and participate in non-paid community work experiences, community leisure opportunities, and independent living skill development during school hours, based on their interests and needs.  New sites are developed each year to best meet the needs of the students. For work experience, high school staff serve as job coaches and supervise the students at the level needed, while moving the students toward independence.  Hudson provides transportation to and from these community sites via school van or bus.  Participation can be structured to coincide with part- time employment that the student has obtained outside of school services or programming arranged through Summit County DD or Opportunities for Ohioians with Disabilities (OOD).  Younger students, grades 9 - 12, can participate on a limited basis if the IEP team determines it is appropriate.

    Project SEARCH

    Project SEARCH is a collaborative, site-based initiative located at Summa Health.  This program assists qualified students in making a successful transition from school to the world of work by experiencing hands-on-learning in real-world settings.  Student interns spend a year rotating through job experiences based on their interest and abilities.  These rotations are designed to give students the opportunity to develop their workplace skills and prepare them for competitive employment. Examples of rotation sites include shipping and receiving, distribution, laundry, patient transport, food and nutrition, information and technologies, senior services, nursing education, parking and others. Services are available for individuals that are 18 or older.

    Community Agencies

    Students with disabilities may be eligible for support through one or both of the community agencies below. 

    • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities
      • Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is the state agency that empowers Ohioans with disabilities through employment, disability determinations, and independence. 
    • Summit County Board of Developmental Disabilities
      • Summit DD connects people with disabilities to supports that empower each individual to contribute to their own success and to that of their community.   Services are available for students of all ages.