• The Field Hockey program will be built on Attitude, Discipline and Confidence, with Class and Dignity being our stepping stones for success. Our major objectives will be to learn the game of field hockey, compete at a high level, and most importantly, develop tools to make us better individuals in life. We will be committed to the program, our team and our coaches; in turn, we will build compassion for the game, others and the tradition of HUDSON FIELD HOCKEY. Our style will be aggressive and determined, with the the word "can't" being removed from our dictionary. Individual goals will be replaced with team goals as we begin to understand the importance of working together. Combining intelligence with close attention to every detail will prepare us for each battle we enter. This preparation is what will build CONFIDENCE, DISCIPLINE, and ATTITUDE that each Lady Explorer will possess as they take the fields of competition. 
  • Laurie Wilkins
    Laurie Wilkins
    Varsity Head Coach
    Louise Knox
    Kristen LaScola
     Katie Heitman