• Hudson Middle School Volleyball 2022


    * Great attitude, willing to learn and improve, team work, good sportsmanship.   At all times you are representing Hudson Middle School and our volleyball program.

    * Any use of social media regarding the team, all teammates, coaches, and opposing players will always be positive.  Any negative comments made could be grounds for dismissal from the team.



    • Practices are for players and coaches only.
    • Cell phones are to be turned on silent during practice
    • All players will report to the gym to check in by 3:00pm and then go change and ALL players help set up the net when needed (8th grade front gym, 7th grade back gym).
    • Appropriate dress apparel should be worn at every practice.  Proper shoes, (court), shorts, shirts and knee pads are expected.  Masks are optional. You must bring your own water bottle!
    • Practice will end at 5:00 pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays and 4:30pm on Fridays.  
    • ALL players help take the nets down and put away equipment.


    Game Day

    • For away games players need to be in the commons fully dressed in their uniform by 3:10.  Each player is responsible for bringing a healthy snack which will be eaten in the commons and all players will ensure that they have cleaned up after themselves.
    • Each player will bring their own water bottle.
    • Appropriate behavior is expected on the bus and at other schools.  
    • For home games players need to check in with the coaches at 3:00pm for a Covid assessment and then be in the gym fully dressed in their uniform by 3:15.  
    • On Monday and Tuesday games, 8th grade players will help to set up the nets, chairs, scorer’s table, etc. before going into the commons to eat their snack. 7th grade players will take down the nets following the 8th grade game.  The reverse will be true for Wednesday and Thursday games, 7th grade players will set up the gym and 8th grade players will take down.
    • Monday and Tuesday games, 7th grade plays first (4:00pm), followed by 8th(5:00pm approx.).
    • Wednesday and Thursday games, 8th grade plays first (4:00pm), followed by 7th(5:00pm approx.).
    • All players are required to ride the bus to and from away games.  If there is a special circumstance, a request must be made 24 hours in advance in writing to the athletic director.

    Excused absences

    • Excused absences include only those that are absolutely necessary and are cleared by a coach before the game or practice is missed.  If an athlete is sick the day of practice or game, a coach needs to be contacted by email.  Due to the possibility of players missing practice or games due to Covid-19 related reasons we will discuss each situation as it comes and determine the best way to proceed upon player return.  
    • All doctor, dentist, hair appointments, etc. need to be taken care of outside of volleyball practice times.  Necessary medical appointments are okay as long as the coaches are notified the day before.
    • Players must attend school for a half-day in order to participate in practice or a game.


    Unexcused absences

    • If the coaches are not notified before the practice or game specifically by the athlete or parent themselves, it is unexcused.  
    • 1st time – make up conditioning
    • 2nd time – sit out the next match
    • 3rd time – sit out matches for one week following the absence
    • 4th time - meeting with parents and player to determine if staying on the team is in the player’s best interest
    • Chronic tardiness to practice could be considered an unexcused absence.

    Playing time

    • All players will play in every match, unless injured, ill or being disciplined due to unexcused absences.  However, playing time will not be divided out equally.  Playing time is determined through hard work, being a good teammate, and what player’s skill sets will benefit the team the most.
    • An athlete’s playing time will only be discussed with the athlete and their own parents with the athlete present.  At no time will other players be discussed.
    • 24-hour rule – parents are asked to wait 24 hours after a game before approaching a coach.  If after 24 hours, you wish to visit with the coach, contact one of us to set up a face-to-face meeting.