• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of August 28, 2023

    7th grade Science students investigate pendulums, reinforcing the scientific method. Testing variables such as mass, angle of release and length of string!


    7th graders went outside for some human coordinate graphing in math class!


    One of our communities building relationships and having fun together, through Drum Fit!

    Upside down envelope drawing in Painting and Drawing Class, to view art differently and draw with the right side of our brain.
    6th graders learn from Mrs. Wood, their school counselor, about her role in supporting them, tips for mental health and stress relief (thanks Dr. Lisa Damour), and all about Mrs. Wood's virtual office resources. So informative and welcoming!

    In Sculpture Class, students are beginning their subtractive soap sculptures inspired by artist Barbara Hepworth.

    Web of Life activity in 6th grade to demonstrate one of the Five Themes of Geography: human environment interaction!

    Learning all about our AMAZING media center. Thank you, Mrs. Kingan, for getting our students in each of our communities excited about reading!


    Important Notes:

    HMS Announcements - Please feel free to visit this site daily for up-to-date announcements for our students and school!

    Guest Speaker: Lisa Damour 9/12 7:00pm at HHS Auditorium:


    • Hudson Community First is proud to present New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker Lisa Damour, Ph.D. addressing the topic of how to raise compassionate, capable and connected kids. https://drlisadamour.com/

    • Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm at the HHS Auditorium

    • For more information, visit hudsoncommunityfirst.com.

    Hudson Community First is looking for new volunteers!  

    Parking After-Hours: Please Do Not Park on Grass Areas: 

    • We respectfully request that parking for events and/or pick-up after hours occur in the campus parking lot areas, rather than on campus grass areas. This helps keep the grass healthy and the field areas safe for student use. Again, please refrain from parking on the grass. Thank you so much for your assistance with this.

    Child Leaving Early - Note or Photo ID:

    • A friendly reminder to please send your child with a note in the morning to the attendance office (just within the main office) if you know ahead of time that you'll be picking them up early. This provides notice to our office staff and enables your child to meet you promptly in the attendance office. If you did not send in a note with your child, please bring your photo ID with you when arriving to pick up your child, and please be prepared to wait for your child to arrive from class - thank you for your patience and understanding.  

     Playground Equipment and Lunchtime Games Donations:  

    • If you would like to donate new or used playground equipment for our middle schoolers, we would greatly appreciate it! Our students enjoy just being outside, and playing with soccer balls, basketballs, playground balls, and tennis balls. In addition, our PTO Bookstore would gratefully accept any donations of games (complete sets, gently used or new) like Connect Four, Chess, Uno, Taco Goat Cheese Pizza, etc. Kindly drop off your donation to our middle school main office. Thank you so much for considering!