• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of September 11, 2023
    Never Forget 9/11. So proud of 6th grade Social Studies students for their thoughtful reflections and recognizing the courage demonstrated by so many people around the world.

    Launching mini marshmallows with our catapults, in 7th grade Science class! 


    Utilizing our stage and technology to enjoy a Reader’s Theater experience, in 8th grade History class! Jam packed with historical details—the students did a phenomenal job bringing it to life!

    Students in 6th grade Social Studies class had so much fun playing Map Skills Jeopardy to review for an upcoming assessment!  They’re ready!!
    Using our iPads to document progress through time-lapse video, as we create 3-D printed prosthetic hands for those in need around the world, through Hands of Gratitude in Service Learning! And sharing reflections of what this project has meant, while making connections with the individual recipient. Wow. Our students are making a difference!
    Cartooning and Animation students create self-portraits! Such incredible work!!
    If you are bowling and want to maximize the kinetic energy of the ball, would its kinetic energy increase more if you double the mass of the ball or double the speed? 7th grade Science students investigate!

    6th grade students and staff welcomed Courtney Krieger, Manager of Education and Outreach at the Maltz Museum, in Beachwood. Courtney introduced students to the Stop the Hate Essay writing contest, with its focus on the writing prompt "I no longer believe that we can change anything in the world until we have first changed ourselves." - Etty Hillesum. One of the essential questions in 6th grade Social Studies is: “Why does intolerance exist and what can we do to encourage tolerance in our society?” Our students learn that they can truly make a difference! 


    Important Notes:

    HMS Announcements - Please feel free to visit this site daily for up-to-date announcements for our students and school!


    Start with Hello Week - week of 9/18: 

    • During the week of September 18, we will share the positive message of Start with Hello week with our students via morning announcements. The purpose of Start with Hello week is to help build connections among students, to counteract loneliness and isolationism. With a focus on positive actions students and staff can do, we hope to build upon our culture of inclusiveness.


    Hudson Spirit Day - Thursday, 9/21:

    • On Thursday, September 21, as part of Start with Hello week, everyone within Hudson Schools will be encouraged to wear Explorer attire to celebrate our Hudson family and that we are all here to support one another.


    Bullying Prevention Month - October:

    • In Advisory sessions throughout October, which is Bullying Prevention Month, our lesson goals will include:

      • Learn about Bullying Prevention (that we CAN make a difference!)

      • Spread kindness, inclusion, and acceptance 

      • Promote a sense of belonging for all of our students

    • Click here to preview our October 2023 HMS Advisory lessons.

    • Incident Reporting App: We also continue to highlight the Incident Reporting app on each student’s iPad - we introduced this to students in March last year during our “Words Matter” presentations. This app is one additional, new way students can report a concern to us. We are grateful to our students for sharing when they see a concerning behavior, so that we can help. 

    • Other avenues students (and families) can report concerns are: reaching out to a trusted adult in person or via email, utilizing the Safe Schools helpline, or visiting the Bullying Information page on our district website and submitting an Incident Report. 

    • We love and care for our students, and we let them know that every report is thoroughly investigated so that we can help. 


    A Note from the Attendance Desk:

    • Please send your child with a note, to the attendance desk in the main office, if they will be leaving for an appointment during the school day. This is the most efficient and least disruptive method (rather than emailing a teacher) to alert the attendance office. It also gives us the ability to remind students to leave class 5 minutes before their departure time to start the sign out process in the office, which helps limit disruptions to classrooms to call a student down. Thank you so much for your assistance, Tammy Brodbeck (HMS Attendance Secretary)


    Hands of Gratitude Sponsorship:

    • Learn more about the life-changing Hands of Gratitude program that is part of our Service Learning Course at Hudson Middle School! If you know of a person or organization who may be interested in supporting this program at our school, please feel free to pass this on: HMS Hands of Gratitude Sponsorship Opportunities! Our students are making a difference and are so appreciative of your support!  


    Student Fees - posted in PaySchools:

    • HMS and HHS school fees and athletic/activity fees are now available for parents/guardians to pay in PaySchools. Thank you for visiting this site to pay any fees: https://www.payschoolscentral.com/

    Playground Equipment and Lunchtime Games Donations:  

    • If you would like to donate new or used playground equipment for our middle schoolers, we would greatly appreciate it! Our students enjoy just being outside, and playing with soccer balls, basketballs, playground balls, and tennis balls. In addition, our PTO Bookstore would gratefully accept any donations of games (complete sets, gently used or new) like Connect Four, Chess, Uno, Taco Goat Cheese Pizza, etc. Kindly drop off your donation to our middle school main office. Thank you so much for considering!