• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of September 18, 2023
    During “Start with Hello” week, these special guests taught us all how to say hello in several languages, on morning announcements!! Thank you, student leaders!
    7th grade Science students explore kinetic and potential energy through the creation of lego cars - making revisions (and personalizations!) to try to build the fastest car!
    A HUGE THANK YOU to our EMS team from Hudson who met with our 7th grade Medical Detectives students to showcase equipment, discuss vital signs, and so much more!
    In Service Learning & Careers, students learn about 3D printing in fields like construction, medicine, nutrition, and prosthetics (even for animals!) Thanks to Mrs. Dages for sharing your expertise! Learn more about 3D printing and Hands of Gratitude support opportunities that allow this program to continue.
    How much fun can you have with soil?! These 6th grade Science students are investigating soil properties...and some are even making Soil Horizons pudding!
    Maker Space time during team support - solving challenges and having fun together!
    Social Studies students are teaching the class about different climate regions around the world!
    Walk, Bike & Roll to School Day is coming up! Thursday, October 5th, is the day!  Join us!

    Important Notes:

    HMS Announcements - Please feel free to visit this site daily for up-to-date announcements for our students and school!


    Spirit Week at HMS, 9/25-9/29!

    • During Hudson High School Homecoming Week, each building in our district will be celebrating through Spirit Week daily themes! We have aligned our themed days, as closely as possible. Check out these fun days ahead!
      • Monday 9/25: Pajama Day! Wear comfy clothes!

      • Tuesday 9/26: Pink Out! Wear pink!

      • Wednesday 9/27: Hat Day / Sports Day! Wear your favorite team gear!

      • Thursday 9/28: Class Colors Day! 

        • 6th grade wears Blue

        • 7th grade wears White

        • 8th grade wears Black

      • Friday 9/29: Portrait of an Explorer Day! Wear your new “Never Stop Exploring” POE shirt! (NOTE: These will be distributed on this day in homeroom.) 


    HMS Team Spirit Wear - order by 10/6:

    • We LOVE our middle school communities!! You will see an email communication soon from one of your child’s team teachers, sharing that we are offering HMS Team shirts again this year - designed by the team! Throughout the year, teams will hold spirit days to bring our students and staff together and to celebrate our team spirit! The purchase of team spirit wear is encouraged, but optional.

    • This link will take you to our Hudson Middle School sale, where you can then click on your child’s specific grade level team to view the selections and/or make a purchase. (The email from your child's team will have the DIRECT link to their team's shirt). Orders are due by Friday, October 6, and shirts will be delivered to your child at school. 

    • If you have any questions or need support purchasing a t-shirt, please contact your child’s team teacher named in the team email, or your child’s school counselor; they can help.

    Profits from this sale will benefit your child’s team directly, providing for team activities throughout the school year.

    Bullying Prevention Month - October:

    • In Advisory sessions throughout October, which is Bullying Prevention Month, our lesson goals will include:

      • Learn about Bullying Prevention (that we CAN make a difference!)

      • Spread kindness, inclusion, and acceptance 

      • Promote a sense of belonging for all of our students

    • Click here to preview our October 2023 HMS Advisory lessons.

    • Incident Reporting App: We also continue to highlight the Incident Reporting app on each student’s iPad - we introduced this to students in March last year during our “Words Matter” presentations. This app is one additional, new way students can report a concern to us. We are grateful to our students for sharing when they see a concerning behavior, so that we can help. 

    • Other avenues students (and families) can report concerns are: reaching out to a trusted adult in person or via email, utilizing the Safe Schools helpline, or visiting the Bullying Information page on our district website and submitting an Incident Report. 

    • We love and care for our students, and we let them know that every report is thoroughly investigated so that we can help. 


    A Note from the Attendance Desk:

    • Please send your child with a note, to the attendance desk in the main office, if they will be leaving for an appointment during the school day. This is the most efficient and least disruptive method (rather than emailing a teacher) to alert the attendance office. It also gives us the ability to remind students to leave class 5 minutes before their departure time to start the sign out process in the office, which helps limit disruptions to classrooms to call a student down. Thank you so much for your assistance, Tammy Brodbeck (HMS Attendance Secretary)


    Hands of Gratitude Sponsorship:

    • To maintain this life-changing Hands of Gratitude program that is part of our Service Learning Course at Hudson Middle School, we sincerely appreciate your support! If you know of a person or organization who may be interested in supporting this program at our school, please feel free to pass this on: HMS Hands of Gratitude Sponsorship Opportunities! Our students are making a difference!  


    Student Fees - posted in PaySchools:

    • HMS and HHS school fees and athletic/activity fees are now available for parents/guardians to pay in PaySchools. Thank you for visiting this site to pay any fees: https://www.payschoolscentral.com/