• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Weeks of October 9 and 16, 2023
    Sharing this proudly, one more time :-) Celebrating Hudson Middle School! On our most recent state report card, we are thrilled to share that our school ranks in the top 2% of all middle schools in Ohio (#12 out of 603) based on our Performance Index!!! This is calculated based on how well our students score on their OST's, with higher points earned as students score at levels of Accomplished, Advanced, and Advanced Plus. We are all so proud of our students and staff and families!!!

    Beautiful night to celebrate our art installation! Special thanks to the Hudson City Schools Foundation and the Tom and Gail Tobin Family Fund for supporting our students through the Artist-in-Residency project! Amazing opportunity! ⁦


    In Language Arts, students practiced using small details and clarity, by writing How to Tie Your Shoe. They then worked with a partner to see if their procedures found success! Lots of laughter when the teacher tried to tie his shoes using those preliminary directions!

    The “World in My Closet” was a hands-on activity that demonstrated the Economic Powerball Words: import, export, globalization, interdependence, and GDP. Students were learning while having fun!

    Students manipulating variables to draw conclusions. In this 7th grade Science lab, students are trying to determine which cup is the best insulator. They created a data table then graphed the data to reveal fantastic results.

    In STEAM class, students constructed a number of importance from their global research! They'll be learning new art techniques as they further their designs!
    In this awesome Science class, students are creating buckeye necklaces!
    Nothing like the excitement of the Fall book fair! Thank you to Hudson League for Service for your continued support of our readers!
    What a fun experiment in Science class! Students explore the concepts of insulator and conductor, as they observe different melting times for ice cubes depending on the base material. 

    Important Notes:

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    HMS Team Spirit Wear - Second Chance order by 10/27:

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    Reminder - End of Quarter 1:

    • Each quarter the report card is available electronically on HAC, by clicking on the Grades icon. For the first quarter, because it is the first report card of the year, we also will send home a paper copy with students on Friday, 10/27.

    • At Hudson Middle School, we calculate and publish Honor Rolls only at Semester 1 and Semester 2.


    Reminder - No School on Friday, 10/20 - Records Day


    Holiday Sharing:

    • Please check out our Holiday Sharing document, with information about our district-wide efforts to support local families in need this holiday season.

    • Our middle school canned food drive begins on Monday, 10/23, through Friday, 11/14. Students are asked to bring in non-expired canned goods for donation.  Since these cans will be used long past Thanksgiving, please consider donating a variety of foods. Science teachers will be collecting the cans in their classrooms. 

    • Thank you so much for your support!


    HMS Staff Shout Outs: 

    • Has an HMS staff member made a difference for your child? We love to show appreciation for our amazing staff at HMS! Here’s an opportunity to share more personally if a staff member has made a difference, no matter how big or small. I will be sure to recognize their efforts individually and quietly. HMS Staff Shout Out Google Form