• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of October 30, 2023






    Halloween fun at HMS! Lots of smiles and laughter...and so much creativity! 



    Math students explore using variables in expressions, with the idea of a frog on a number line doing hip-hop routines! The discussions were fun yet math-centered, and the strong visual helped students make great connections! Next, students will be naming this cute frog with a team vote on Election Day! Will it be Hops of Thunder, Dave, Bubbles, Zero (think: number line), or one of the other creative suggestions from our students?!



    Thanks to our Hudson High School HUDDLE Mentors for spending time with our 6th graders and 8th graders this week! Such a powerful opportunity for our students to learn from mentor Explorers about a number of topics, including decision making skills, positive behaviors, and how to be our best selves in high school and beyond!



    7th grade Science students design and "race" paper helicopters during their physics unit!



    In 8th grade History, students read two primary source documents, and then collaborated to compare/contrast the information, before drawing a summary of their research!



    It's always so inspiring to visit one of our incredible musical groups! Orchestra students are beginning their work on selections for the Winter Concert!



    It's musuem day in 7th grade Social Studies, with students visiting student-created Greek pottery, learning about Greek achievements and legacies, and how those impacted our modern-day. Such beautiful work!



    In 7th grade LA class, students work on their mind-mapping project of their novel, creating visual scenes in their minds to help them firmly understand the author's use of characterization and setting, and how those impact the plot and theme!



    Students are up and moving in 8th grade! Solving absolute value equations at stations in the room and team learning area, collaborating with their team! 



    Language Arts students hold their Book Talk Show and share their book projects with one another - such hard work and creativity on display! Thank you, students!



    Important Notes:

    HMS Announcements - Please feel free to visit this site daily for up-to-date announcements for our students and school!


    Holiday Sharing:

    • Please check out our Holiday Sharing document, with information about our district-wide efforts to support local families in need this holiday season.

    • Our middle school canned food drive runs from Monday, 10/23, through Friday, 11/14. Students are asked to bring in non-expired canned goods for donation.  Since these cans will be used long past Thanksgiving, please consider donating a variety of foods. Science teachers will be collecting the cans in their classrooms. 


    11/17 Thanksgiving Luncheon

    • One of our favorite days of the year is just around the corner! Our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon will be Friday, 11/17, with extended lunches for each grade. Our wonderful cooks are preparing a traditional feast of roasted turkey, sides, cookies, and milk.  The student price for this meal is $3.75. 

    • This will be the only menu item available that day, so if this menu is not to the student’s liking, please pack a lunch. 

    • The students will be served by their teachers and staff.  We encourage everyone to “dress up” to celebrate Thanksgiving together.  We will all be entertained by members of our Orchestra! 


    HMS Staff Shout Outs: 

    • Has an HMS staff member made a difference for your child? We love to show appreciation for our amazing staff at HMS! Here’s an opportunity to share more personally if a staff member has made a difference, no matter how big or small. I will be sure to recognize their efforts individually and quietly. HMS Staff Shout Out Google Form