• In November news, Principles of Investing welcomed Hudson Chamber of Commerce super duo, Nicole Alverson and Katie Behnke to our classroom, and WOW do they have the PULSE of what is happening in Hudson, Ohio.  We are so lucky to have had them speak just before Thanksgiving about all the exciting things going on in Hudson, Ohio, right now. These ladies are so much fun and our students threw out questions about every store, every space, and every project going on now and in the near future in Hudson. I'm so proud of how much our students know and want to learn about economic development.  It's never too early to invest in our local community and with resources like the Hudson Chamber of Commerce, there is no shortage of information to help!

    Hudson chamber

    Who ever knew insurance is so exciting? Mrs. Rachelle Salem assured us that no two days are ever the same as a State Farm Insurance Agent, and I was taking notes both on an investment teacher stand-point and as an insurance policy holder. I had no idea insurance was so broad, and I also didn't realize that quality insurance coverage is so important! Mrs. Salem, a proud Miami of Ohio University graduate, turned an internship that started 20 years ago right out of college into a long-life career choice of helping others stay protected from harm and damage. As Mrs. Salem talked with us and explained good coverage, I found myself thinking that I've never given a second thought to insurance or what it means in my life.  As the state of Ohio has standardized teaching about insurance as part of financial literacy, I'm thrilled Mrs. Salem was here to take us through what deductibles mean and give us real life examples of what is covered and why.  Mrs. Salem sparked the interest of students both as insurance holders and as people possibly interested in insurance as a career choice.  Mrs. Salem's conversation with us is part of a broader conversation about sound financial decisions and protecting our assets.  We are so lucky to have had her here and will have her back for future conversations.


    Amazing talk with GrafTech COO, Jeremy Halford.  Nothing is better than hearing from subject matter experts about how they planned their futures, their advice for college and beyond, their stories about starting in business and their many lessons along the way. We were so lucky to hear about Mr. Jeremy Halford's professional path from a college intern who paid his own way through a school program/co-op program to earning a prestige spot at Harvard Business School to stories about managing his first team of people to present day and the rewards of well executed plans for your future.  Mr. Halford stressed starting where you are and not just being good at school or sports, but carving out your authentic path and making a difference in a project.  Mr. Halford's advice included the following tenants: Don't just start a new club, but lead the club to accomplish something rewarding for another group of people.  Design your future and in that design, build a program that is useful and valuable for more than just you.  In service and well thought out planning, you will find success and progress toward building something for more than yourself.  

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    Thank you so very much, Hudson Mayor, Jeff Anzevino! I think we asked a million local political questions, plus some as Mayor Anzevino joined us in our Investing class in late September.  Thank you so much for the one-on-one conversation and insight into Hudson is investing our tax dollars into our schools, businesses, and future development.  My students never fail to amaze me with their depth of understanding of local news and business! 

    Mayor Visit

    Howard Hanna Real Estate and Mortage professionals, Mr. Gower and Mr. Bucknell.

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    Our list of speakers also includes Laura Goodman, PNC Bank Branch Manager.  We thank Mrs. Goodman for her candidate and informational talk about bank security, personal identity theft, and fraud.  We are so thankful for your personal connection with us!