• The Week in Review at HMS: Notes from Dr. Cockley

    Week of December 4, 2023
    Congratulations and THANK YOU to our November Students Making a Difference! Celebrating your kindness, hard work, inclusivity, and so much more! You make our school a better place!
    Medical Detectives students measure the bacteria in their petri dish and how different antibiotics impacted its growth!
    Thank you, thank you to our incredible HMS PTO! Our holiday staff luncheon was the perfect opportunity to spend time together! Thank you for taking such great care of us!
    In 7th grade, students hosted a Roman Marketplace, as buyers and sellers! They produced a stand and marketing materials, and used their Roman job's salary to budget and purchase items!
    Thanks to Mr. Addis for visiting our Narrative Writing Cafe in 7th grade Language Arts class! Students shared their creative writing, and provided each other with "Stars" and "Wishes" as peer-editors! 
    It's Language Arts book club! Students select a book, from choices with similar central themes, and discuss in their small groups. So much great discussion!
    This hands-on science class allowed students to explore lima beans, observing and labeling its parts...including the embryo!
    In Cartooning and Animation, students begin their creation of a stop-motion "claymation" video with at least 100 frames!
    Special thanks to Office Giacomazza and Officer Price for talking with our 8th grade Health & Wellness students about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, and their impact on functioning. 
    8th grade students plan the next edition of our HMS Newspaper! 
    In Social Studies class, students begin their project on Ancient Rome, learning new technology that allows them to be a star in their own video...and using our new microphones that were granted by our amazing PTO - THANK YOU!!!

    Important Notes:

    HMS Announcements - Please feel free to visit this site daily for up-to-date announcements for our students and school!


    HMS Talent Show!

    • HMS has talent! We will be sharing next week on announcements that HMS is hosting a middle school Talent Show on February 9!
    • Interested students can pick up an Audition Packet at the Student Resource Center (SRC) before Winter Break. Audition Permission Forms are due to the SRC by January 10
    • More information will be shared as the event nears! We can't wait to see our students shine!


    Greetings from the Attendance Desk and the Clinic,

    • It's that time of year when sniffles and sneezes are being passed around. Our school has the privilege of having Nurse Becca with us at Hudson Middle School. If your child is ill throughout the school day, we ask that they first visit Nurse Becca, instead of calling/texting on their own for a parent pick up. This allows the student to be seen by a medical professional for a medical dismissal. Students who leave without visiting the clinic will be noted as a Bypass, not a medically excused absence.
      Thank you for your assistance, Tammy Brodbeck Attendance Secretary


    HMS Staff Shout Outs: 

    • Has an HMS staff member made a difference for your child? We love to show appreciation for our amazing staff at HMS! Here’s an opportunity to share more personally if a staff member has made a difference, no matter how big or small. I will be sure to recognize their efforts individually and quietly. HMS Staff Shout Out Google Form