• ♦   Communication Rule   ♦


    Here at East Woods, located in every classroom, and in the Main Office, is a poster for student use entitled, "Communication Rule".  This "Rule" is first introduced to all students on the first day of school during the opening morning assemblies, and then the "Communication Rule" poster is reviewed throughout the year with the students by their homeroom teachers. 

    The "Communication Rule" is a tool for every student to use when they are having difficulties with other students, being teased, or need to let another student know how they are feeling about a problematic situation.  Mr. Sedlak, Mr. Morris, and myself will refer to the "Communication Rule"  when students come to us for counsel, or to report difficulties with other students.  Using the "Communication Rule"  boosts children's self-esteem, gives them a proven tool to handle their own situations, and empowers the student to stop the situation from growing larger.  On each "Communication Rule"  poster, each step is scripted out for the students, so they know exactly what to say and in what order to say it (see example of poster wording below).

     So, the next time your child comes home, and is upset over a situation with another student, ask them if they used all the steps in the "Communication Rule" .  It's a powerful tool.



    Communication Rule

    Put your hand out and say:

    Stop it.

    I don't like it when you           (list action)          .

    It makes me          (mad, angry, upset, like I don't want to be your friend, etc)          .


    If the person continues, say:

    I asked you to please stop it. 

    If you don't, I'm going to get an adult.


    If you need to get an adult, say:

    Excuse me, Mrs./Mr.         (Teacher's/Adult's name)           , I need some help.