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Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in psychology from BGSU; M.Ed. in school psychology from KSU; Ed.S. in school psychology from KSU

Ms. Kim Strausser

Welcome to my website for the 2021-2022 school year! I am the school psychologist for East Woods Intermediate School (EWIS). I lead the team to complete initial assessments and reevaluations at East Woods, grades 3rd through 5th. I am part of a team of school psychologists in Hudson schools and part of the special education team at EWIS. A school psychologist helps to determine if children need special education services through a process of observations, consultations with educators, evaluations through individual testing and gathering information from parents, teachers and other educators. I complete these evaluations at school once parents have provided permission. Prior to and during an evaluation, the education team provides interventions through the Response to Intervention team process. (See below)  My office is located in the main hallway of the EWIS building.  Please contact me with questions by emailing me at   My direct line is 330-653-1311 OR dial 330-653-1256, which is the main office line, and ask for me.

In terms of general support, EWIS offers many in classroom supports and accommodations as well as some supplemental reading help when a student qualifies for that support. Teachers, school counselors and sometimes special educators may offer academic, social emotional or behavioral interventions to students here at EWIS who are not identified with needing special education support. (See information about response to intervention below.) In addition, there are many offers of support and ideas online for students who may be experiencing anxiety or other issues. The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) has a wonderful array of information about how to support children in times of crisis and specifically how to respond to children during this infectious outbreak. I encourage you to utilize their website

I am part of East Wood's Response to Intervention (RTI) Team, which helps to problem solve and offer intervention ideas to children who may be experiencing academic, social, behavioral or medical issues that are interfering with that child's performance in school. The academic team uses various types of classroom and online evaluations, such as the iReady program, district reading assessments and Bridges Math assessments to review student progress. If a child is suspected of having an educational disability by the school team and we have permission from parents or guardians to proceed, I use individual assessments such as intelligence tests, social emotional measures and achievement tests to help understand a student's strengths and needs. I work with the other special educators at East Woods, including the intervention specialists, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. The school team meets with the parents to review evaluation results and determine ongoing and future actions regarding support for a student.

I am available by phone and by appointment to consult with parents who may have questions about their child's progress, both academically and emotionally. I work collaboratively with our school counselors, Amy Dorsey and Kristen Gilliland, to provide a positive and supportive educational environment. I work with our educational staff to find the strengths and support the needs of our students.

Occasionally, a parent is concerned about their child's progress in school and requests the school to evaluate the child. The school is interested in supporting student progress but also tries to consider a student's progress in comparison to the overall curriculum. It is important to allow a child to have appropriate developmental stages of growth in social/emotional, cognitive and academic skills. The RTI Team reviews overall progress and notes that sometimes a student is making progress and the school team does not suspect a disability that would require the support of specially designed instruction. The team must also ensure that the difficulty with progress is not due to lack of appropriate instruction. Sometimes the school team agrees with the parent and an evaluation is completed; other times the team may offer some specific interventions to determine if these address the concerns and progress is monitored.

Procedural safeguards:

Areas of eligibility:

If a student will be evaluated, I often tell parents to prepare their child by letting them know that someone from school will be working one to one with them to help their teachers understand what the student is good at and where they might need some additional help. Others may also be working one to one with the student, including a speech language pathologist, an occupational therapist or other special educators. The assessment usually occurs over several weeks and the evaluation team report meeting is held within 60 days of signed and received permission for the evaluation.

The National Association of School Psychologists has many links to resources that may be helpful to parents. I have also listed other websites offering supportive information for parents about Tourette's syndrome, serious mental health issues and autism. I have attached several resources about different concerns that parents may have. I also suggest that you check out our Parent Mentor's website, which offers a wealth of information and links for parents of children with challenges. You can find that website within the Hudson Schools website by clicking on "Parents" and looking for "Parent Mentor."

If you are interested in learning more about school psychology, you might enjoy visiting the NASP and OSPA websites (listed to the left under Helpful Web Resources) for the national and state school psychology organizations. 

I have offered various leadership roles for students here at East Woods School, including a "Make a Difference Club," which started in 2014 when two 4th graders wanted to learn about and encourage positive peer interaction and to stop bullying behavior. Through the past few years, kids have created a cool bulletin board in the Commons Area and produced videos or offered positive ideas during morning announcements that highlighted our East Woods Schools Positive Behavior! Students have also been part of a poster contest, participated in the Veteran's Day program, made t-shirts, offered class presentations and made locker signs with positive messages. In May 2019, several students helped with improving our green courtyard at East Woods by planting trees, pulling weeds and putting mulch in the flower beds. Because the 2020-21 school year was affected by the pandemic, gatherings in groups was discouraged. I will be working with teachers and administrators this year to determine possible programs to encourage academic growth and positive behaviors, such as student visits to therapy dogs, eating lunch in the green courtyard and displaying Twitter pics from classrooms on the main bulletin boards in the main hallway. I try to encourage positive behavior through encourging them to explore humor, resiliency and diversity. I am very proud of our students being positive role models! Check out our twitter tag #EWPride on the Twitter feed to see some pictures of positive student behavior and great academic progress posted by our staff! I am on Twitter with school related tweets as @birdyfeedr 

My biography: I have an undergraduate degree in psychology from Bowling Green State University and graduate degrees (Masters and Educational Specialist Degrees) in school psychology from Kent State University. I served as a school psychologist and preschool assessment clinic coordinator in a large urban district for 13 years and have served in Hudson since 2002. I have worked with students from ages two years to twenty two years. I have the pleasure of talking with and problem solving with many dedicated parents and teachers. I have held leadership positions in regional groups and I maintain memberships in Kent Akron Association of School Psychology, the Ohio School Psychology Association and the National Association of School Psychology. I attend frequent trainings to update my knowledge in educational psychology. My interest covers a wide range of special education needs but includes attention issues, autism spectrum disorders, mental health concerns and Tourette's Syndrome. In my personal life, I have been married for 32 years and have three adult sons. I enjoy the outdoors by walking and hiking in our beautiful Cuyahoga Valley and surrounding natural areas. My hobbies include reading, feeding the backyard birds, gardening around my home, kayaking, hiking, visiting various parks and events around northeast Ohio, playing with my three wonderful grandchildren and volunteering for various causes.