˜ The Changing Families Group  ˜

    The Changing Families Group is for students in 4th grade, whose family is currently, or has already experienced, a separation or divorce in their immediate family. The Changing Families Group will meet once a week, for about 6-8 weeks, during the student's lunch and recess period. The goal of the Changing Families Group is to provide the students with the opportunity to interact with other students whose families have also experienced separation and/or divorce, and to learn ways of coping with the normal developmental concerns faced each day in families with divorce or separation. The students will also become aware that they are not the only students in the building dealing with this family issue.

    The Changing Families Group is offered twice each year, with the first round usually starting in October, and the second round starting around the beginning of March. The sign-up periods are announced each morning for a week on the morning announcements at East Woods. Students are instructed to pick up a permission slip from the Main Office, take the permission slip home to be signed, and then return it to their homeroom teacher or the main office. Once the students return their permission slips, groups will be formed by the School Counselor during the next week. Students will then receive a group invitation stating the day and time of their group. Students will also receive weekly reminders, via their homeroom teacher's mailbox, to help them remember each week about their group meeting.

    If you have additional questions about this program, I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, and can be contacted at (330)653-1251.