• Below are common assignments, expectations, and routines for my classroom. These are not the only assignments during the week. All assignments should be in your planner and posted on my Google Calendar.   Please refer to planner and or calendar nightly as you are completing homework.

    Weekly Assignments - Routines/Expectations:

    Written Responses - All written responses to questions should be answered using the RACE method unless different directions are specified by the teacher. This method is used and taught in most of the students' classes.

    Restate the question

    Answer the question
    Cite with examples and evidence 

    Explain how the evidence supports your answer
    Weekly Articles in Google Classroom:
    Articles will be assigned on Friday and due the following Tuesday in Google Classroom.  Once the article in read, the students are expected to write a 4-5 paragraph essay (using RACE) to answer the given questions.
    Writer's Workshop:
     The students will be emerged in reading and writing this year.  When writing, we will focus on the writer's workshop model. In this model, the structure will look similar each day that we write: 
    • Mini-Lesson: a short lesson focused on a single topic or skill that the students need to be introduced to or need help with.
    • Writing Time: The students write. I will conference with students during this time.
    • Sharing: Writers share with the class what they have written and seek feedback from their audience.  
     Book Club:
    The students will have the opportunity to read  books of choice this year.  Once they are grouped by choice, we will engage in mini-lessons on reading skills and engage in authentic conversations about the text.   

    Classroom Novel Studies: Throughout the year, we will read between 2 -3 novels. A schedule will be in the students' UNIT section of their binder. Please follow this schedule. I STRONGLY discourage reading ahead or working ahead during these units. All novel units will be stored in the Unit section of LA binder.