• Listed below are common assignments, expectations, and routines for my classroom. These are not the only assignments during the week. All assignments should be in your planner and posted on the homework page of Sunguard. Please refer to planner nightly as you are completing homework.

    Weekly Assignments - Routines/Expectations:

    In 6th grade, we ask that the students use RAVE, when answering a written response question. This is used across all subject areas on the Service team.

    Written Responses -

    Restate the question
    Answer the question
    Explain; use evidence

    Classroom Novel Studies: Throughout the year, we will read between 5-7 novels. A schedule (on a colored sheet of paper) will most likely be in the students' UNIT section of their binder.  We usually try to read, and discuss, a large amount of the novel together in class. If your child is unsure of their reading assignments, please follow the schedule. I STRONGLY discourage reading ahead or working ahead during these units because we do so much together. All novel units will be stored in the Unit section of LA binder.