Grading Policies

    The policies outlined below are a general overview of classroom policies that are designed to help students stay organized and build success.  


    Homework is due the day after it is assigned. Typically, it is to complete cornell notes on a section of the textbook or an article that we have read in class. The note taking process we use is designed to allow students to organize and reinforce concepts learned in class and identify areas of confusion so they may be discussed before moving on to new material. Homework is checked for completion the following day.   Exemplary student work is sometimes used as a model for other students and is posted on the website under the notes tab.  


    Larger projects (i.e. maps, Google Classroom assignments, presentations) are designed to elicit a deeper understanding of material. Projects that are not turned in on time will still be accepted, at a 10% deduction in grade for each day late. 


    Students will know tests dates 1 week prior to the test as permitted. In addition to the review activities conducted in class, students should use their notes or answer keys to prepare. The link below is an additional tool provided to help students prepare. Students are also emailed and shared links, playlists and websites to review when appropriate.