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Mrs. Rochelle Gyurky

Welcome to Music Class!

I am very excited about starting a new school year together and know it will be an enjoyable one! It is my belief that General Music at the elementary level should introduce and expose students to as many different aspects of music as possible. As music has elements of math, language, history, reading, science, and many more, we will often be reinforcing ideas from the general classroom. Sometimes, in music, we don't even realize it's happening! It is hoped that with exposure to music from different time periods and cultures, as well as elements of music (i.e. rhythm, style, note names) students will gain a deeper appreciation for and positive attitude toward something we encounter in everyday life.

Behaviors that ROCK!

There are three main behaviors that are expected in the music classroom:

1. RESPECT - Be tolerant and accepting of differences. Use good manners. Treat all materials used in the room with care. Deal peacefully with disagreements.

2. LISTEN - This applies to directions, explanations, questions, musical examples, and many more. Music requires your ears to be in gear! Know when to talk and when to listen carefully.

3. "CAN DO" - In the music classroom, this is closely linked to our "Leader in Me Habits.". Do your share to make the classroom better. Get involved in lessons; volunteer. Be a good neighbor. Cooperate. Do your best! As with any activity, the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Music Fun Day:

Each class will have the chance to earn a student choice day throughout the year. This will be based upon the overall class behavior. Students will be able to choose a music-based activity of their choice for that class period. This allows the students to work together and earn a positive reward for their excellence in class.

Musicians of the Month:

Each month, students will be chosen for excellent work in class. Musicians of the month set the example for the class. They are great listeners and have a positive attitude in class.

Share Week:

Share week will be celebrated the last week of every month. This is a time for students to share how they use music outside of the classroom. Examples include: playing an instrument, singing a song or doing a dance. Every year we have a wonderful response to this activity. Thank you, parents, for supporting the arts!
Music Programs:
Students will present a musical in the spring.  Please refer to my calendar and upcoming events for important dates, times and information.
Thank you, and I am looking forward to a musical year with your children!!