• 10 year-olds *


    • large muscles are developing quickly
    • desperately needs outdoor time and physical challenge
    • often writes more sloppily than at nine
    • snacks and rest periods benefit their rapidly growing bodies


    • generally content; enjoy family, peers, and teachers
    • friendly, generally happy; quick to anger and quick to forgive
    • works very well in groups; enjoys clubs, activities, and team sports
    • usually truthful; developing more mature sense of right and wrong
    • highly sensitive to and able to resolve questions of fairness and other social situations
    • able to enjoy cooperative and competitive activities
    • quite concerned with friendship and fairness issue
    • eager to reach out to others
    • enjoy being noticed and rewarded for their efforts


    • listens well
    • reads voraciously
    • expressive and talkative; likes to explain things


    • very good at memorizing facts
    • increasingly able to think abstractly; enjoys rules and logic; good at solving problems
    • enjoys collecting, classifying, and organizing
    • can concentrate for long periods
    • takes pride in school work
    • enjoys choral reading, singing, poetry and plays

    * Yardsticks , by Chip Wood, 3rd Edition.