• 11 year-olds*


    • restless and very energetic
    • needs lots of food, physical activity, and sleep
    • experiences more colds, flu, ear infections, etc.
    • many girls experience an early adolescent growth spurt and sexual maturation; some boys begin rapidly growing taller
    • may complain of headaches (as a result, will read only for short periods of time)

    Social- Emotional

    • moody, self-absorbed, and sensitive
    • likes to challenge rules, argue, and test limits; may be cruel; sometimes physically aggressive
    • worries more about who's "in" and who's "out" than when they were younger
    • needs lots of time to talk with peers; heavy users of the phone, cell phone, instant messaging and email
    • impulsive - often talk before thinking
    • often behaves best when away from home
    • has trouble making decisions
    • needs adult empathy, humor, and sensitivity to help them cope with their rapidly changing minds and bodies
    • loves the challenge of competition
    • "saving face" is important


    • enjoys arguing and debating
    • appreciates humor
    • imitates adult language


    • would rather learn new skills than review or improve previous work
    • becoming more adept at abstract thinking - for example, they can understand ideas such as "justice"
    • with improving reasoning skill, they can establish and modify rules and develop hypotheses
    • increasingly able to see the world from various perspectives
    • needs help with time-management and homework skills

    *Yardsticks, by Chip Wood, 3rd Edition