Join band.  Life will be better.

    So, you're a 5th grader and want to do band. 

    HEY! you're a smart kid! 

    Here's what you do - 

    1.  Watch Mr. Burrington's video about band and Fill out THIS FORM   You do NOT need to decide on an instrument yet, just that you want to do band.  If you know what instrument, cool!

    2.  Go the Band Room for your first lesson of your music session.  You will be put into my EWIS Band Google Classroom by email invitation or using a code I will give to you in class and/or online.

    3.  You will receive something special and unique to this year to take home to help your instrument selection process.  Take home your special item Mr. Burrington will give you in class to help you decide which band instrument to choose.  

    4. Once you have selected a band instrument, you can rent one.  I will provide a list of recommended stores you can do this from, in the Band Google Classroom.  The stores will deliver the instruments to East Woods or have you pick them up, which ever you are more comfortable with in our socially distanced time.  If delivered to school, I will pass them to the students in class. 

    This school year is evolving every day.  Please let me know ( ) if you have a band question or if there is something you or your child don't understand.  

    SAFELY DO BAND - Beginning Band in Hudson is no stranger to safety precautions, as band uses mostly wind instruments.  This year, naturally, a heightened state of added precautions are in place to be used in every band class that were collaboratly made by Mr. Burrington,  local collegues, studying national preliminary aerosol research, and by the Hudson Administration that have been approved by Summit County Public Health.  These include (but are not limited to) going outside when possible to play instruments in a socially distanced setting(at least six feet apart), socially distanced seating in the band room, trying instruments at home (individually) with 3D printed mouthpieces and visiting the hand washing station directly outside of the EWIS Band Room, socially distanced, to name a few.  If you have further questions on this topic, please email Mr. Burrington.

    It is never too late to join band, all you need to do is tell or email Mr. Burrington