A part of Senate Bill 311 (also known as the Ohio Core). The law directed the State Board of Education to adopt a plan enabling students to earn units of high school credit based on demonstrating subject area competency instead of, or in combination with, completing hours of classroom instruction. Ohio’s plan for credit flexibility is designed to broaden the scope of curricular options available to student, increase the depth of study possible for a particular subject, and allow tailoring of learning time and/or conditions. These are ways in which aspects of learning can be customized around more of the students’ interests and needs. 


     Credit Flex Applications:

    A credit flex opportunity at Hudson High School is a student owned learning opportunity that:

    • Provides more choice and autonomy in deciding how, when and where students learn.
    • Provides more options for individually suited pathways to post-secondary and career goals.
    • Provides acceleration and convenience including more options for courses in the school schedule (especially for fitting in electives)

    Students may earn credit through ONE of the following:

    1. Demonstration of Mastery
    2. Enrichment through Experience or Performance

    Students who can answer in the affirmative to the following statements are ready for a credit flex course.

    • I will follow the rules of Hudson City Schools and the school code of conduct while working on this credit flex opportunity.
    • I understand that Hudson City Schools cannot offer hardware or software support for my personal computer.
    • I am the only one responsible for my own learning.
    • I am able to manage my study time effectively and easily complete assignments on time.
    • I am self-disciplined and find it easy to set aside reading and homework time.
    • When it comes to learning, I am a self-directed person.
    • I am willing to follow the recommendations made by the committee approving my credit flex plan.
    • I am willing to revise my credit flex plan according to the specifications of the committee.

    Program Integrity

    In order to ensure the integrity of the learning experience approved under this program, the student will be required periodically and/or upon demand to provide evidence of progress and attendance. The principal or his/her designee will be responsible for certifying course completion and the award of credits consistent with the District’s policies on graduation. If a student ceases to attend or is unable to complete the Credit Flexibility Opportunity for any reason, the application will be voided. 

    OHSAA/NCAA Considerations

    Students wishing to participate in high school athletics must be aware that Credit Flexibility learning experiences may not be factored into their eligibility considerations. We recommend that students continue to enroll in courses posted on the approved NCAA website to remain eligible for participation. Seniors wishing to pursue Division I or Division II NCAA athletics eligibility are responsible for ensuring that they will meet the appropriate requirements. OHSAA requires that student-athletes must receive passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses, or the equivalent, in the immediately preceding grading period in order to be eligible to participate.

    Retroactive Credit

    Students will not be allowed to retroactively receive credit for courses or experiences taken prior to the submission of an application. Therefore all courses taken or credit gained prior to the approval of the committee will not be granted to students.

    Resubmission Process

    Students who wish to resubmit their application after concerns were raised and recommendations were made must do so within TWO WEEKS after the decision was made. If this deadline has passed, the student may resubmit his/her application for the deadline of the next session.

    Steps for the application process

    1. Discuss possible credit flex plan with your counselor and parents.
    2. The application is available on our school website. 
    3. Download related course information from the Ohio Department of Education Content Standards. You will need these guidelines to help you complete this application.
    4. Be prepared to attend a meeting to discuss your proposal or to re-submit it as necessary.
    5. Once the application is approved, the course must be completed as indicated by the committee.
    6. Accepted applications may be withdrawn anytime prior to the completion deadline without a penalty.

    Timelines and Deadlines

    Session 1- application deadline- SEPTEMBER 1

    • Course must be completed by December 15 for grades to be posted at the end of semester 1.
    • Athletes must provide evidence of a “passing” level at the end of the first and second quarters.

    Session 2- application deadline- DECEMBER 15

    • Course must be completed by May 1 for grades to be posted at the end of semester 2
    • Athletes must provide evidence of a “passing” level at the end of the third and fourth quarters.

    Session 3- application deadline- MAY 1

    • Course must be completed by September 1 for grades to be posted at the end of semester 1.

    Interested students should read and reflect on the following statements:

    • I must maintain my enrollment in six classes grades 9 – 11 and five classes in 12thgrade.
    • I understand that weighted credit cannot be obtained through a flexible credit course.
    • I understand that academic honesty rules apply just as they do in a traditional class setting.
    • I must meet attendance requirements set forth by my plan.
    • I am responsible for ensuring that I have met graduation requirements by established deadlines to participate in graduation.
    • I recognize that the course may not match the academic standards for HHS and may not adequately prepare me for subsequent courses. I am responsible for maintaining my academic
    • eligibility.
    • I am responsible for maintaining my OHSAA athletic eligibility.
    • If I am planning to participate in athletics in college, I have referred to NCAA requirements at www.eligibilitycenter.org.
    • I am on an IEP or 504 and request support services.I will write my plan according to the learning outcomes derived by the State of Ohio Content Standards and present such plan to the HHS Credit Flex Committee in the following format:

    State of Ohio Content Standard

    Explain how you will demonstrate proficiency in this standard.

    Explain how this standard will be measured.